Not Enough Items Mod

Ladies and gentlemens this is a mod that looks similar to ‘too many items’ and ‘just enough items’, but the best version is NEI (Not Enough Items Mod). With its features, it will allow players to craft things more easily without having to remember how to craft anymore. Let’s start to open your inventory and see how does it working.

Not Enough Items Mod

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How do I use Not Enough Items Mod ? this is a question that I saw a lot of every single-page. So, If you already know everything there, just don’t watch this part. First of all, when you open inventory after you install this mod that you can see all the item in right-hand, and now I gonna give you a brife basic tutorial on how to use it to craft the items.

Okay guys, just look at the options that It’s in the lower left corner. So, if you are already open the options you’ll see the ‘NEI Gloval Options’ and six menu on your screens. Let’s take a look in options mode that you can found the ‘Cheat Mode’ in there and you can change to ‘Recipe Mode’ or ‘Utility Mode’ by one click.

For now let’s me tell you what each mode does by starting ‘cheat mode’.

  • The cheat mode that allow you guys to actually give yourself items without being creative. It’s super easy simply by click on the block or item what you want and you’ll get on it. Example, when i click the grass block and i will get 64 of it. More over, if you would like to change the time or any season, just look at in your inventory that you can see fuction in left-hand on your screens and remember that only works on your local machine or your own personal server where you are and up in the server.
  • Also, you have the option to delete item too by press the icon trash and click any item what you want in your inventory, then it’ll disappear or you can grab it and drag it into the icon trash.
  • Moreover, if you get hurt and almost dead that you can just click the icon heart for healing your self

Next, for the ‘recipe mode’ it doesn’t give you any options and the function on your left-hand it gone, but all of item in right-hand still here.

  • So, with this one we can actually go and look for a recipe and you can either scroll down on the side here or press the next and previous button.
  • The middle bar on the bottom that you can do a search, then you’ll saw every type of item that you search and some-items not available because you can’t get recipes from them.
  • However, if you need some-items or you want to know how to craft it just click it and look at your screen that’ll show you how to actually make the recipes.
  • And if you click the little questions mark icon you can see little ghost figure that you can put each item in other for make your item.

Last one is ‘utility mode’ that just like ‘recipe mode’, but the difference is give you to have the trashcan and the magnet. And for the magnet that help you to pick-up many item in one-time by click turn on magnet mode.

Next, in the options just take a look ‘Highlight tips show’ and click again it will show hidden, this function that allow you to point something on the ground and it look like a mark. So, i suggest you to use default or turn it off.

Finally, the other option that I don’t recommend you guys to touch it because that for people who are doing custom mod packs. And in the control function that’ll show you the control basic stuff.

Not Enough Items Mod Main Features

  • This is a great work that will allow players to know how to craft items without the imagination or creativity. So, for a new startup player, I do not advise you to use it.
  • You will be able to enjoy many season mode.
  • And this will help builders enjoy the convenience of building, because you no longer have to find the materials for creativity any more.

Not Enough Items Mod Pros and Cons


  • That’s cheat mode is great and fantastic, if you are creates maps or something like that and you need easy access to all your materials to get it done.
  • If you don’t want to see this many function, just press the O button and everything will look normally.


  • Don’t use the cheat mode on survival because that not help you to learn anything from minecraft.
  • Require the minecraft forge, CodeChickenCore and CodeChickenLib before install this mod.

How to install Not Enough Items Mod

  1. Let’s start to download and install the Minecraft Forge
  2. Next, download the CodeChickenCore and CodeChickenLib before playing this mod
  3. Open you run from the start menu bar on your windows
  4. Type %appdata% and take a look at .minecraft folder
  5. Drag and Drop your downloaded file .jar or .zip into the mods folder
  6. Launch your Minecraft and playing
  7. Done!
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