Nuketown Zombie Map

Are you looking for some new maps to play with your friends ? What kind of map do you like ? Adventure, Survival, Custom, PVP map ? Today I have a survival map to present to you guys. It is called Nuketown Zombie Map.

Nuketown Zombie Map

Nuketown Zombie Map

Nuketown Zombie Map

Nuketown Zombie Map is a zombie survival map, it is a cool mini game. In this map when you spawn into the world, you have to read the instruction which is putting the render distance on far, put the difficulty on easy, and wave indicator will stop after the ninth round, but zombies will keep spawning. Also, you have to follow the rules which are ; you are not allowed to break any blocks, do not fly or go outside the map border, do not spawn items while playing this map, do not take any items from dispensers, and only four  players needed. You will be facing a lot of zombie, and you have fight for your life and survive till the world end. Although, the map look beautiful and cute in the middle of the day, but will completely change the atmosphere to look scary and disgusting.

If you are looking for survival map to play with your friends, this Nuketown Zombie Map is very recommended. Many new challenges are waiting for you.

Nuketown Zombie Map Main Features

  • Some hidden chests with items
  • Easter eggs
  • Wave indicator
  • Music indicator, this is before zombies spawn and when round is going to start

Nuketown Zombie Map Pros and Cons


  • Challenging survival map that is very interesting
  • Very well-done map


  • If you love playing discovering map, this one is survival and may not suit you

How to install Nuketown Zombie Map

  1. Download the Nuketown Zombie Map
  2. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  3. Search for ‘saves’ folder
  4. Drag and place the downloaded map into the ‘save’s folder
  5. Run Minecraft
  6. Choose the map from your saves
  7. Follow the screen instructions and have fun
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