Obsidian Defenders Map

Have you ever wanted to play Minecraft in another way, I mean not just do farming, mining, gathering resource, something like that, but it is a new way for you to play in Minecraft. In order to do that, you will have to find mods or maps to play with right? So, I have a really cool map for you which is called Obsidian Defenders Map.

Obsidian Defenders Map

Obsidian Defenders Map is a really cool map which made by ‘Hypixel’. It is a map about defending. The main objective is to just defend your base which is Obsidian temple while you are trying to force and destroy your opponents. There will be pickaxe spawned after you begin this map for 3 minutes and will automatically spawn every 3 minutes which can be found in the temple in the centre jungle (Note, more pickaxes you got, that means more chance to win. You will have to make your way to the enemy temple and destroy 2 blocks of obsidian and go through there, then stand on the pressure plate hidden inside to activate and you win! That sounds too short right? So, let me give you a hint. There will be 2 capture points hidden inside the jungle. In order to capture that , you must find the pressure plate hidden inside there, after that the redstone lamps, maybe three of them (I’m not sure) will start to light up one by one, till that place is captured. If there is someone stand on the opposite capture point, you might be interrupted by them as well. Once you own that point, every minute you and your team will receive 1 gold ingot which you can use it to buy potions, weapons, armors from vendors.

Special hint! There are sewers which will be unlocked once you do something, that will allow you to access a secret merchant who sells XP potions and a powerful bow! So, what are you guys waiting for? Let’s check this awesome Obsidian Defenders Map out!

Obsidian Defenders Map Main Features

  • Two main tower defend game-play style!
  • This map can be played with unlimited players, but be sure to equal both team
  • There are vendors for you to purchase
  • There is a secret merchant which is one of the main part that full of interesting things

Obsidian Defenders Map Pros and Cons


  • This awesome map will make your day playing Minecraft
  • There are many things for you to do, not only killing each other, but there is a goal for you to achieve of


  • This game will end pretty fast if you don’t receive your team’s cooperation
  • A powerful bow is quite a cheat which will clearly show the different of the power which is ridiculous

How to install Obsidian Defenders Map

  1. Go to .minecraft by browsing to %appdata%
  2. Open saves folder
  3. Put the downloaded file Obsidian Defenders Map into saves folder
  4. Start your Minecraft, check if there is the new map available in your game-play
  5. Have fun!
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