Octavarium Map

Have you ever heard of Octavarium? It you do not, let me tell you about it in brief then. Octavarium is a song by progressive metal and rock band named ‘Dream Theater. But what is the relationship about Minecraft and this rock metal band? It’s related because this Octavarium Map is applied the logo or the sign of Octavarium into the enormous things in Minecraft.

Octavarium Map

Octavarium Map

Octavarium Map

Octavarium Map is a map which has a 3D epic creation which look like a huge Jingle Balls 😛 that are floating above the sea which has the beautiful mountain as the background. This thing looks like it can be moved to the left and right by physics that the far one which is raised will impact when they swing back to the other balls in order to make the others side move or raise up and then swing back again and again, but actually it can not be moved in this map. But you know who want physics? lol.

If some of you do, you must have a really strong spec-computer to handle this epic move by using 1.8 copy, paste, fill, and set block commands to make it move and that’s going to boost up and decrease your FPS as hell (lag a lot). So, be sure if you want to make it move, you must confirm yourself that yours stuff is enough and do not forget to capture the screen when it moves or make the GIF for me. Please, I really want to see it! But if I do by myself my computer would blow away 😛

This map is also going to be much better with shaders, any of shader packs are welcome. Again, this Jingle Ball does not move! This Octavarium Map just does a cover of the real logo of the song called Octavarium of rock metal band name Dream Theater, I hope there are some fans of Dream Theater here, that would be awesome.

Octavarium Map Main Features

  • Jingle Balls!!!
  • Really cool and unique map

Octavarium Map Pros and Cons


  • Really good-looking with unique ideas


  • There is only the logo of Octavarium that have been created to this map

How to install Octavarium Map

  1. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  2. Find ‘saves’ folder
  3. Drag and drop the Octavarium Map into the ‘saves’ folder
  4. Run the game
  5. Select the map from your saves
  6. Enjoy
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