Oh The biomes You’ll Go Mod

Do you interest this mod? Already explored every single corner in Vanilla Minecraft? Then, now it’s time to move on to a new place where you have never experienced before. Let’s see if you can handle the situation and adapt yourself when you are in this new biomes with different surroundings as well as new resources to gather and utilize. All of this can found in the Oh The biomes You’ll Go Mod.

Oh The biomes You’ll Go Mod is a interesting and amazing mod. It has been designed to provide players more contents to enjoy with new ores, stones, mobs, biomes, and a lot more. Even if it’s fun to play with, but it’s not going to be simple for sure. The new biomes will filled with so many challenges that you can mess around. I would say this new place is extremely well designed. This new biomes is filled with many things like Autumn Forest, Lush Forest, Red Rock Mountains, Red Desert, Willow Swamp, and Athura Forest. Some of these things would creep you out since you step into the area.

For the new ores, there are Permerdite, Tamrelite, Kasai, Junite, and Copper added. Only the first two can be used to craft new set of armor. However, the Kasai one seems to be the hardest to make which can yield the most powerful tools as well. That’s mostly what this mod is about, but I know that most of you are expecting some powerful and weird mobs right? Basically, there are add currently 5 new mobs including Roamer, Dark Zombie, Shiro Cow, Cyprus Worm, and turtle. These things would let you down, but that won’t happen when it comes to Lillager, let’s see how you would counter this creature.

Still, there is not list of dimensions update from the official website, so I couldn’t provide you guys the detail. However, some say that there are going to be new structures for all dimensions worked on with new mobs and ores implemented in the new future. Be sure to stay tuned with this Oh The biomes You’ll Go Mod if you love playing with it.

Oh The biomes You’ll Go Mod Main Features

  • This mod adds in new biomes, ores, dimensions and many more stuff
  • The new added biomes is Overworld biomes
  • Add new plants including Orange Dandelion, Pink Puppy, Blue Houstonia, Glowcane, Black Berry, Blue Berry, Green Tulip, Yellow Allium
  • New armors including the ones made of Tamrelite and Pendorite

Oh The biomes You’ll Go Mod Pros and Cons


  • Loads of fun with the brand new content giving you a new place to discover and explore
  • So many new items, plants and decorations added which are really great to make the game have more variables


  • It seems like you can do nothing with the spawn rate of the plants and they are on low rate

How to install Oh The biomes You’ll Go Mod

  1. Download and install Forge first before continue installing
  2. Download Oh The biomes You’ll Go Mod from the link below
  3. Be sure to download the version that suit your game best, otherwise it won’t work
  4. Go to %appdata% and open in the .minecraft folder
  5. Look for mods folder and put the downloaded file in there
  6. All done
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