Omega Flowey Boss Fight Map

Are you looking for the good combination of a map? I mean there is totally everything you need in it, not only new boss and boss fight scene. If you are, so I would like to present you guys this map called Omega Flowey Boss Fight Map. This is the map providing you the new boss to fight and also offer you some challenges for the puzzle and parkour parts when you are not in the attack phase.

Omega Flowey Boss Fight Map

Omega Flowey Boss Fight Map

Omega Flowey Boss Fight Map is the adventure map made by TheAfroOfDoom. This should be called one of the best adventure map out there. Not only it adds new boss to the game, but also it’s extremely awesome. As you can see that the boss looks epic by its size, but what you haven’t seen is that the attack. The mechanics in fighting this boss are divided into 2 phases. First one if the attack phase which you have to survive all types of attack that the boss give you with love. Another one is the puzzle and parkour phase that you have to solve it to get your HP regenerated. Oh, I forget to tell you that some of its attack are massive and your health won’t regenerate during the game until you solve the puzzle, then you will get the healing stuff. The attacks of this boss are very well creatively designed like flamethrower, block launcher, invisible arrow, air bomb drop, and laser. That’s all you need to focus on and avoid most of it attack to survive the attack phase.

This is the Omega Flowey Boss Fight Map that is really appropriated for those who love fighting bosses. As this map provides you the new boss with its amazing mechanics, you also gain the new gaming experience of fighting this boss and some of its puzzle and parkour as well.

Omega Flowey Boss Fight Map Main Features

  • This is the adventure map which adds new boss named Omega Flowey Boss
  • There are so many mechanics about the attack skills for this boss
  • A bit of parkour and solving puzzle when you get passed the attack phase

Omega Flowey Boss Fight Map Pros and Cons


  • This is actually what we have been looking for, some epic new boss for Minecraft with the new mechanics and scenes
  • Tons of fun and loads of challenge in order to beat this monster
  • This map does not only provide you to fight the new boss, but you still have to solve some little puzzles with your parkour skill as well


  • This is the map only offers you the boss fight scene, so even if it says it’s an adventure map, but it won’t take that long as you will only be fighting the new boss in this map

How to install Omega Flowey Boss Fight Map

  1. Go into the download link given below, once you are in the link, look and download the most compatible version of Omega Flowey Boss Fight Map
  2. Browse to %appdata%
  3. Open .minecraft folder
  4. Open saves folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded file here
  6. Done
  7. Start the game, select new map and enjoy
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