On Further Tales Mod

I bet that you are going to spend hours upon hours trying to beat all the challenges given by this On Further Tales Mod. This mod has been designed mainly because of those people who get bored of playing the game once they have beaten the end of the game which is killing the Ender Dragon. However, there is really no such a challenge in Vanilla Minecraft. If you wish to have one or more, then this mod would be definitely worth checking out!




On Further Tales Mod is a mod that simply adds in a new portal item which allow players to use this to travel to the Further which is basically the new dimensions. Of course, it’s the new dimensions, so there are going to be a huge area for players to explore right? As some of you have guessed it right, this new dimension also offer you guys many new biomes as well. Each biomes you might end up facing new mobs as well. What I could tell you now is that the new dimension you are about to go, it’s filled with full-fledged design for its mystery, traps, dangers, mobs and many aspects that could be counted as another end-game challenge. So, this is a mod that will be best suitable for those who always have thoughts of the game being way too easy and we all have beaten every single challenge this game has to offer us. Let’s see if you are going to say the same word over and over once you try this one out. The new dimension also holds many secret areas that can be found only if you are really good at exploring.

Keep in mind that the Purdue biomes are the most dangerous one which is home of two mobs known as the Rensansito and Venacki. You might get yourself instantly killed. However, it’s definitely worth it to explore in the Further because the mobs from those dimensions will give you more experience points. Hope you enjoy this On Further Tales Mod and its contents.

On Further Tales Mod Main Features

  • There is a portal added into the game that will allow you to travel into the Further, the new dimensions with different kinds of biomes as well as new mobs
  • There is a bunch of great new places for players to explore with the new challenges the mod has to offer
  • Those new places are filled with danger

On Further Tales Mod Pros and Cons


  • There are so many challenges that this mod has to offer to you guys which all will be extremely exciting
  • It’s not going to be a simple challenge thingy, but it’s probably based on the end-game challenges
  • With the new dimensions, new biomes, and new mobs added, you can now begin your adventure again after your last boring ending game


  • You need to download and install the most compatible version of Minecraft Forge first before installing the mod
  • Whatever you are going to face once you step into the Further might be something that you won’t be able to beat within days or weeks

How to install On Further Tales Mod

  1. Download and install Forge first before continue installing
  2. Download On Further Tales Mod from the given link below and be sure to download the version that suit your game best, otherwise it won’t work
  3. Go to %appdata% and open in the .minecraft folder
  4. Look for mods folder and put the downloaded file in there
  5. All done
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