One Block Survival Challenge Map

The mapping Minecrafts time to focus on the beauty of the map. They really strive to create a beautiful landscape and scenery, dazzling structural remember! But what if I told you to ask questions that do not follow these guidelines. But rather is there to tempt and challenge the player? Map ‘Survival blog is completely unique in design and is the first of its kind. It is wonderful and reliable method of testing the skills and knowledge of the game Minecraft. Do you want to download and install this One Block Survival Challenge Map.

One Block Survival Challenge Map

One Block Survival Challenge Map Pros and Cons


  • It is very difficult for you Minecraft strategic challenges. Everything you know about Minecraft will come in handy with this map, and you will need all of your wits and ingenuity to complete the challenges set out This map has been fully updated to last Minecraft version! multiplayer server and is available to customers only player.

Cons :

  • May have only negative with this map is that it may make you want to die .. you can imagine the frustration.

How to install One Block Survival Challenge Map

  1. Just download the latest version of the map.
  2. Look at link download below
  3. If you can’t find, ask your friend in facebook fanpage.
  4. Drag the map download to ‘save’ folder. Minecraft.jar.
  5. Let’t fun this map.
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