Ore Dictionary Converter Mod 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Have you ever run out of your stock of valuable ores like iron one? Actually iron ore is easily found in many places underground. However, when it’s a time that you really need it, you probably run out of it anytime while you have over supply for other types of ores. So, why don’t we just convert those useless ores for the ores in need? You can’t do that obviously, except you have this Ore Dictionary Converter Mod installed

Ore Dictionary Converter Mod

Ore Dictionary Converter Mod

Ore Dictionary Converter Mod

Ore Dictionary Converter Mod is obviously an interesting mod as the title suggests. It’s going to be very convenient as you can stack ores and ingot in your inventory easier which will save up some more spaces where you can store the rest with some other types of stuff. There are basically three different new items added including the Ore Converter, the Ore Conversion Table, and the Automatic Ore Converter.

The conversion table and standard converter are quite simple to craft, but the automatic converter will require you to put in some extra effort consisting of 9 different items. At this point, some of you might now have a clue of how to use this mod right? First of all, just craft any converter and make sure you’re holding it. Right click your mouse button to bring up the UI and from this point, you will know automatically what the next step is as there are tasks simply explained. If you are those who are lazy to manually convert thing, you just simply craft the automatic converter one and let it do the work.

If you find this Ore Dictionary Converter Mod interesting and useful for you in various situation. Be sure to give it a go. Over supplying of those unwanted ores can be converted into those in need which will completely change the whole situation from back to front.

Ore Dictionary Converter Mod Main Features

  • This mod utilize the forge ore dictionary which will allow players to convert a single ore into different versions
  • Basically, there are three different items implemented into the game including Ore Converter, Ore Conversion Table and Automatic Ore Converter

Ore Dictionary Converter Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod adds in a whole new level of convenience to the game in terms of ore converting.
  • This mod is very useful that you can just recycle the certain ores that you don’t want to use it anymore into another different type in need


  • Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version or the same version comparing to your game required and it’s heavily recommended that you must have it installed

How to install Ore Dictionary Converter Mod

  1. Download Ore Dictionary Converter Mod from the link download given below
  2. Download Minecraft Forge as this mod requires it to work
  3. Be sure to get both files with the most compatible version comparing to your game
  4. Go to %appdata%/.minecraft
  5. Find mods folder and open it
  6. Copy and paste the downloaded mod file into the mods folder
  7. Launch the game and check if the mod is properly installed and worked without any problem
  8. Enjoy
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