Ore Excavation Mod

That help you guys to mine whole veins of ore easier and cut down the whole trees super fast. Ore Excavation Mod that include any other tool in one go. Also, you can understand configs super easy and provided for mod pack developers like tool or block black, size limits, tick rate, etc.

Ore Excavation Mod

Ore Excavation Mod 1

Ore Excavation Mod 2

Ore Excavation Mod 3

Ore Excavation 4

Before you use this Ore Excavation Mod that you should to remember it. First, if you love to use wooden tools don’t forget to edit the overrides.json in your config folder, because the tool are disabled by default. Next, the key may not working correctly on non-US based keyboards, so you should to try refraining some of symbols or special key.

Ore Excavation Mod Main Features

  • This is amazing mod that will allows players to vein mining and tree excavation very easy. So, if you would like to use it just press the key (` by default) and hold down when you using any tools. Next, you will see every block and wood that will be destroy, that look very nice and simple easy for me.
  • Let’s check what’s this mod have in features :
    • You can customize block grouping that help you guys to much and very useful.
    • Try to use undo command, if you guys command of mistakes.
    • Easier to configurable shape mining.
    • Built-in TPS guard prevents major game slow down.
    • For configuration in-game that will no restart/reload necessary.
    • Ore dictionary that only support for blacklisting and overrides.
    • Per tool overrides for pack developers.
    • Super easy to control preferences per client.
    • You can config speed, size, distance and any cost.
    • Block blacklist and tool blacklist that you can invert to white-list
    • You guys can use almost every tool to work
    • That help you to cut down whole trees very fast
    • Last, allow you to mine whole ore veins easy

Ore Excavation Mod Pros and Cons


  • That help you guys to cut whole trees easier and it will help you to mine whole ore veins easy.
    Simple easy to use it be press the default key


  • This mod only want the minecraft forge to install. So, you guys should download and install the minecraft forge of the beginning before playing this mod.

How to install Ore Excavation Mod

  1. Download the first thing that is Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the Ore Excavation Mod, second
  3. Go to run on menu bar of your windows
  4. Type %appdata% and you will found the .minecraft folder
  5. Open inside and drop the file downloaded .jar into the mods folder
  6. Open your minecraft launcher and check the mod
  7. Playing the game and enjoy!
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