Oriental Architect Plot Map

What if there is a world that derives from oriental style applying to the world of Minecraft? Everything will look like a brand new that would give you different feeling when you see or play with it. That I ask you because I would like to share this awesome Oriental Architect Plot Map with you guys. Let’s see what your opinions about this map!

Oriental Architect Plot Map

Oriental Architect Plot Map

Oriental Architect Plot Map

Oriental Architect Plot Map is a wonderfully designed map made by ‘NerdsWrath’. For me I never was a fan of chinese or japanese style, but this one is freaking cool. It is good to see someone make the pop reel from ravand.org though. This map is like a new side of the world, maybe japanese or chinese style maybe. Anyway, it is lovely build, very authentic to the style as well. As you can see from the pictures above, all the details are what that makes it really stand out! For the texture pack that is used in this map is Conquest Texture Pack which you can find it here! The another outstanding one is the atmosphere that gives you the feeling like you go into another world that is not Minecraft. It’s like you are in a retro castle in China or Japan in the middle of cherry blossom season. Anyway, it looks absolutely beautiful. Moreover, in my opinion I would love to see a continuation or expansion of this awesome map! I love it.

Even though, I have my own Japanese plot on ravand too, but it is not finished yet and look quite messy, but this one change my mind, I quit my project and just play along with this map only by myself. Anyway, if you think this Oriental Architect Plot Map is fantastic just from seeing the awesome screenshots above, why not give it a go right now? The link download is below waiting for you.

Oriental Architect Plot Map Main Features

  • A really outstandings both building designs and atmosphere given by this awesome map

Oriental Architect Plot Map Pros and Cons


  • This map is very detailed and look so epic!


  • There is no bad point in this fantastic build!

How to install Oriental Architect Plot Map

  1. Download Oriental Architect Plot Map from the download link below
  2. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  3. Find ‘saves’ folder
  4. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the ‘saves’ folder
  5. Start the game
  6. Select the downloaded map from your saves
  7. Have fun
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