Pac-Man Minigame Map

It’s been a while or a long time ago since we did play the game Pac-Man, probably happens to most people here right? It’s such a memorable game that should’ve been more popular and need to be remade to be in more HD quality. Anyways, that won’t matter at all if you can’t find the file of the game anymore as now you can just install this Pac-Man Minigame Map and play it within the world of Minecraft as well as Minecraft style.

Pac-Man Minigame Map

Pac-Man Minigame Map

Pac-Man Minigame Map

Pac-Man Minigame Map is a really cool map made by Twitchnitr0. Basically, this map is inspired and derived from the once popular game so called Pac-Man. As you can see the pictures above, everything looks pretty much the same like you see in the real one. Of course, this is just the mini-game added by this map that allows you to feel the adventure and challenge of this game. Also, it’s going to be very difficult if you don’t know the structure plays of the ghosts. I mean you need to be able to know the path they are going to go, you need to be focused to acknowledge their minds in order to escape from them flawlessly. All you have to do in this map is just run around escaping from the ghost and keep in mind that you need to eat all the orbs to win. It’s not going to be that easy even if the stage is small as you have to eat all the orbs while running away from 4 hungry ghosts. Moreover, the perspective or the point of view is quite different from the original game, so that will add in more challenging as you don’t know exactly where the ghosts are because the walls are high at 5 layers of blocks as well as the size of the ghosts as well.

Let’s see what is your best time in defeating this awesome Pac-Man Minigame Map without getting caught or eaten by these cute ghosts? With this map installed, you will enjoy the true and load of fun where you have experienced from the game Pac-Man long time ago, such a good map with memorable time.

Pac-Man Minigame Map Main Features

  • This map is based on the adventure map
  • This map is based and inspired by the once popular game called Pac-Man
  • This map just adds in the maze structure with some command blocks to be like mini-game in your world of Minecraft

Pac-Man Minigame Map Pros and Cons


  • Really memorable and fun stuff that you can experience in this map
  • You don’t have to go find and download the file game of Pac-Man as you can play it in your world of Minecraft at that time
  • It’s more challenging as you can’t see the way or the left orbs to go for


  • It might be too confusing and difficult because you can’t see the full map as it’s the first person point of view, not like the original game
  • This map just adds in a mini-game based on the Pac-Man

How to install Pac-Man Minigame Map

  1. Navigate yourself into the Minecraft directory
  2. Look for saves folder
  3. Open it
  4. Download Pac-Man Minigame Map
  5. Copy the downloaded file
  6. Paste it into the saves folder
  7. Start the game, apply the new map and have fun
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