Pacman Map

Do you remember Pacman or not? It is a popular game that has been ongoing and the game of history. Believe it or not, Pacman ever change the memories about the game of the people on this planet once, long ago. It is one of the works that allows multiple developers to start developing a revolutionary game and better than ever. It allows multiple developers to get new ideas and concepts, now “Pacman” is back again in the world of Minecraft. If you like this game, or if you want to bring back memories of childhood. Today we introduce you to download and install the Pacman Map We hope that you will get a great experience when you download and install this contribution.

Pacman Map

Pacman Map

Pacman Map is the work that remains in the memory of everyone. Now it has been updated to run on the latest version of Minecraft are also performance improvements up to excellent. If you remember the story of “Pacman” This is a model that will help you remember and think more. Okay, I’m sure everyone is ready to begin a new adventure in the world of Minecraft. So, If you are ready to start. You can download and install the map (Download¬†link below of the article).

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Pacman Map Main Features

  • How to play Pacman Map :
    • The first step for you to select a player to play a Pacman (and one Player that is going to spectate from above helping the Pacman) and then choose the other players to play the game.
    • Then starting from the first point and the player will have to control your character and fight ghosts.

How to install Pacman Map

*The world may be called “world” in minecraft so look for that if you can’t find it.*

  1. Download the Pacman Map
  2. Unzip the folder.
  3. Open in new window your minecraft folder.
  4. Open saves folder.
  5. Copy map into your saves folder.
  6. Close folders.
  7. Run minecraft and enjoy!
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