Paintbrush Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Have you ever wondered that one day you will be able to draw or paint in the world of Minecraft. If you have, I bet that is one of your dream about this game. Now, your dream comes true with this Paintbrush Mod installed to your world. As you can see its title, you probably know what are the things this mod add right? Of course, there are going to be a paintbrush and paint scraper added.

Paintbrush Mod

Paintbrush Mod

Paintbrush Mod is a mod that basically adds in the stuff based on the painting and of course they are paintbrush and paint scraper. You might not know yet about the concept of this mod, but what you are let to do is so simple and that is painting on the blocks. As this mod provides you the painting tools, why wouldn’t you paint something out in your world? You can choose any colors from the total of 12 colors provided. The way to use this mod is extremely simple, just right click on a block with a paintbrush to paint on it. Moreover, you can even change the size of the paintbrush and scraper by holding shift and scrolling your mouse. If you are thinking of doing something bad on the multi-player server, you won’t be allowed to do that except you are the admin or those moderator of the server because there are no recipes for these tools yet. This mod works pretty much like the paint application on your PC. If you have a bulb lighted in your brain while playing in the game Minecraft, you don’t have to ALT+TAB to open a new paint program as you can do it in the game right away! There are so many ways in using this mod usefully, but I can’t think of it. So, if you have any ideas, wouldn’t you mind to share with us?

If you find this mod interesting and useful for now or even in the future, be sure to give this awesome creative Paintbrush Mod out! With this mod installed, you only have one thing to do and that is to bring out your best creative ideas and paint them all over the world of Minecraft.

Paintbrush Mod Main Features

  • This mod allows you to paint on blocks, it’s just simple as that
  • There are 2 different items provided including of the paintbrush and the paint scraper
  • There are 12 different color added currently to the painbrush

Paintbrush Mod Pros and Cons


  • Due to the features of this mod, if you are creative enough, you can just paint your own work in the world of Minecraft while playing the game
  • It’s going to be a very useful tool when you hate someone, but you can’t fight them back, you can just paint and make a mess out of their homes


  • You need to download and install Minecraft Forge first
  • After that, you need to download and install LLibrary as well
  • There are no recipes yet provided

How to install Paintbrush Mod

  1. Minecraft Forge required, so download and install it first with the most compatible version
  2. Download and install LLibrary after installing Minecraft Forge
  3. Download Paintbrush Mod with the most compatible version by checking your game’s version
  4. Search for %appdata% and go into .minecraft folder
  5. Head into mods folder
  6. Copy and paste the downloaded mod file without extracting into the mods folder
  7. Start the game and check if the mod is installed and worked properly
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