Payday The Minecraft Heist Adventure Map

Have you ever played Payday? If you have, you would know that this game is quite hard to play if you are playing with your best friends. This is because this game requires you and other players a lot of the ability of being harmonious. So, as you know your best friends would probably make something bad happen though lol. So, you can experience about that game in the world of Minecraft as well with this awesome Payday The Minecraft Heist Adventure Map.

Payday The Minecraft Heist Adventure Map

Payday The Minecraft Heist Adventure Map

Payday The Minecraft Heist Adventure Map

Payday The Minecraft Heist Adventure Map is an adventure maps which is based on the game Payday. This map is creatively made by ‘Xander369’. All the details that you can see in this map might not look the same like you see in the game Payday, but the atmosphere and the feeling given is really interesting and attractive. This map features 3 playable heists and 1 bonus level which should probably take about 1-2 hours to finish. The map itself does not only look good, there are item shops as well. Do not expect that this map will be like any other map because there are new mobs as well which is custom mobs. There are about 23 achievements available for you to enjoy with. Some hiding secrets place, plus with Easter eggs all within high quality builds too. Anyways, if you want to enjoy the finest fun, you might have to download and install Optiine and the soartex fanver smooth and clean texture pack to apply your world to look more like the world of Payday much more.

Just from seeing the information and some awesome screenshots above, don’t you find this map interesting and fun? If you do, so please give this Payday The Minecraft Heist Adventure Map a go! I would like to know if you guys enjoy this map like I did. Loads of fun given by this map

Payday The Minecraft Heist Adventure Map Main Features

  • This is an adventure map
  • This map is based on a quite popular game called Payday
  • Automatically told of the command
  • Diamond Heist added
  • First World Bank added
  • Green Bridge added
  • Bonus Level added
  • Achievement List added

Payday The Minecraft Heist Adventure Map Pros and Cons


  • With this map will help you to feel relax from anything you’ve faced or found in your Minecraft world
  • Many new achievements for you to achieve of
  • The story line of the original game applied to the world of Minecraft
  • Loads of fun given by this map which will make you feel like what game you are actually playing!


  • This map is quite easy and does not take you so much time to finish all the achievement and finish the game, so you might not like it
  • If those who are a fan of this map and you are still waiting for the second version, bad news, there is nothing coming from the map makers though 😛
  • Too much details which might look boring for some people

How to install Payday The Minecraft Heist Adventure Map

  1. Download Payday The Minecraft Heist Adventure Map from the link download given below this page
  2. Be sure to select and download the right version that would be compatible with your Minecraft version
  3. Go to the start menu, then type in %appdata%
  4. Open roaming folder, as well as .minecraft
  5. Look for saves folder, and open it
  6. Drag and drop the downloaded file into this folder
  7. All done, select the map in the game and you are good to do
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