Peaceful Surface Mod

Allow you guys to make own monsters which only happening in the darkness. Also, you will get the Peaceful Surface like the title of this mod, if you don’t want to get any crash just install the optifine mod that will useful for fix any crash or check out JustAnotherSpawner. Let’s see how this Peaceful Surface Mod working.

Peaceful Surface Mod

Before you use this mod, just look at the Default-Rule :

“Disabled”: false,
“Living”: false,
“Mob”: true,
“Animal”: false,
“Tameable”: false,
“Checking_LightLevel”: true,
“Raining”: false,
“Thundering”: false,
“Day”: false,
“Night”: false,
“InvertedMobFilter”: false,
“InvertedDimensionFilter”: false,
“InvertedLightLevelChecking”: false,
“mobFilter”: “(\\bSlime\\b)”,
“dimensionFilter”: “(\\bThe End\\b)|(\\bNether\\b)”,
“LightLevel”: 0,
“MoonPhase”: 0,
“DisabledUnderBloodmoon”: false

Peaceful Surface Mod Main Features

  • You can create your own monster which only spawn in the darkness
  • So, the darkness that’s mean lightlevel <= 0
  • Then, look at the surface it will be more peaceful

Peaceful Surface Mod Pros and Cons


  • This is very helpful which allow you to make monster in the darkness
  • The Default-Rule that guide you to play with the rule which help you get more fun.


  • So, you need to be install the optifine mod or check JustAnotherSpawner Mod and looking for how to working with optifine
  • Require to download and install the forge before using this mod or playing the game.

How to install Peaceful Surface Mod

  1. Download the minecraft forge and install it
  2. Download the Peaceful Surface Mod
  3. Run at your windows menu bar and type %appdata%
  4. Found the .minecraft forder
  5. Drag and drop file downloaded .jar into the mods folder
  6. Go to Launcher of Minecraft and playing
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