Piano Music Maker Command Block Mod

Hello everyone, how are you? Welcome back to new Minecraft mod. Actually, this version upgrade from old MCPE music maker and make to new version of it for PC. So, today I would like to showing something for you to know the Piano Music Maker Command Block Mod that will allow you to generate music and help you to change the tempo of your music. Hope you enjoy and happy when you play this mod.

Piano Music Maker Command Block Mod

Piano Music Maker Command Block Mod Pic 1

Piano Music Maker Command Block Mod Pic 2

Piano Music Maker Command Block Mod Pic 3

Alright guys! So, now let’s me show you what are all the functionalities of these new version of the Piano Music Maker Command Block Mod. First of all, you can see that we have a sign on the red-block that you can switch anytime, basically if you right-click this sign what is going to do all the notes are going to be removed from your music score. So, you can see that it says it here ‘Click sign = Remove Note’.

Okay, now if you know how to clear music score, next you can finally compose music the way you want. It’s a really simple now and I want to explain you guys more after you generated this machine. Also, how you can generate this machine in case that you didn’t know what you have to do?

Let’s start now, first right click on this sign you will get four different types of spawn eggs we have one spawn egg to generate the music score, the second one is to generate notes on the music score and it’s also set here to be placed on the music score, the next one is a spawn egg that allows you to transform the notes into the edges or them all and the fourth spawn egg is to start your music.

Piano Music Maker Command Block Mod Main Features

  • This is a main feature that you should to know. How you can put the different types of notes on the musical? It’s very simple you use the spoon egg on it and you can see that is generating all of the different notes.
  • How you can change the tempo and also other functionalities of this creation? Before generating the him to joy is, how you can transform the notes to them all or details?
    You just place a note and then you place on top of the carpet of the note and it will transform.

Piano Music Maker Command Block Mod Pros and Cons


  • This is the latest work that has been develop to the last version of minecraft.
  • It will allow you to compose music in the way you want and it suitable for musicians or music lovers.
  • That will change the atmosphere of the game to nice


  • Remember, you will see that most of the notes they will be transformed into them all except for the F and the C, you can see that A, B and other note they are transformed

How to install Piano Music Maker Command Block Mod

  1. First, highlight the command
  2. Don’t forget to download Piano Music Maker Command Block Mod 1.12.1/1.11.2
  3. Choose command 1 or 2 for download
  4. Then you will get the file .zip and extract it, you will see the file .txt that is a command
  5. Right-click on the highlighted text and then click on copy
  6. Open the command block in you world
  7. Press CTRL+V to paste the commend
  8. Power the command block and your’re done!
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