Pirate Island Map

Don’t you like pirate? If you do, so what about pirate map? Yes, you must do like it. So, what if that pirate map is in the world of Minecraft, don’t you think that would be cool? No, it’s not cool, it’s just epic! The map that I have for you today is the map that is all about the pirate that is called Pirate Island Map. I would like you guys to check this awesome map out! Here are some awesome screenshots below for you to consider!

Pirate Island Map

Pirate Island Map

Pirate Island Map

Pirate Island Map is an really awesome map which made by ‘Heaven_Lord’ which I’m really proud and really can’t wait to share this map with you guys as I have tried playing this map in my own server. From what I see in this pack, everything looks so awesome. All things remind me of the movie called the Pirate of the Caribbean which is the movie I really love to watch. This map is like something that fulfill my wishes, and I know that most of you would feel the same way like I do too! This map took about 1 month to finish all the details. This map is like the gigantic pirate lair that lost in the seas of the Caribbean. Due to its epic looks, do not judge that this map is just a custom map because this one is adventure map which there is the challenge for you to do as well. By go in to the place and search for 10 gold bars that are hidden on the island. Don’t you think that the mission is bad? Yes it is, this is because this map is available only in French version, so you will have to wait till the release of the English version.

So, if you love this map, please be sure to keep following up until the release of the English version which there might be some missions for you to do and enjoy with in the future. Anyways, be sure to give this awesome Pirate Island Map a go!

Pirate Island Map Main Features

  • Pirate atmosphere given by this map
  • This map is only currently available in French version, English version will be released in the future

Pirate Island Map Pros and Cons


  • This map has a really cool interior and exterior designs
  • This map took only one month to finish, that is quite a short of the time, so the creator and the assistance must be very talented
  • This map can help to give you the different feelings when played, so if you feel bored of Minecraft right now, this map is the problem solver!


  • I can’t seem to find anything bad or the cons in this awesome map. Full of details that look so awesome and some challenges for you to have fun and enjoy with!

How to install Pirate Island Map

  1. Browse to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  2. Open your saves folder
  3. Click the download link below and click download the version that suit your Minecraft best, the name should be Pirate Island Map.rar or .zip
  4. Drag the file that you just download into the saves folder in your Mincraft directory
  5. Done
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