Planetary Confinement The Dunes Map

We have been away too long from the forum, but when we are back, we only give you the texture packs, mods which those will help to improve your game experience with the better appearance or some new contents which will give you brand new things, but for today, I have something new for you which is the map that you might find it fun and excited with its style. Please, check this awesome Planetary Confinement The Dunes Map.

Planetary Confinement The Dunes Map

Planetary Confinement The Dunes Map

Planetary Confinement The Dunes Map is a really interesting and excited map that I would like to share with you guys, this map is made by the developer named ‘samasaurus6’. This map comes with two styles of the map which will be adventure and survival style. Anyways, this map contains lots of command blocks, so you might be getting lag using the standard versions, you might want to try the low one. There are so many new features like the map that contain 2000×2000 area of the map  with the custom terrain available and ready to be explored coming with loads of fun and secrets for you to enjoy with. There are quests, achievements, boss fights and many more!

If you are looking something new to play with your friends or even playing alone, this map is for you. I hope you find this awesome Planetary Confinement The Dunes Map fun and excited which you will think that this is the new cup of coffee for you!

Planetary Confinement The Dunes Map Main Features

  • 2000×2000 area map
  • Custom terrain added
  • Loads of fun with loads of secret behind
  • Random events system added
  • Mobs are more dangerous with special ability
  • Over 24 different quests and over 40 custom crafting recipes

Planetary Confinement The Dunes Map Pros and Cons


  • Many new contents from the map like this which will bring a brand new experience to you
  • Many new features available for you to enjoy with
  • You will never get bored of playing this map
  • 2 new awesome boss battles


  • There are so many details like loads of secret for you to find and some of you might not like this kind of game though
  • Those details are so various which you might not be able to get them all

How to install Planetary Confinement The Dunes Map

  1. Select the version that is suitable to your Minecraft version
  2. Look for %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  3. Look for saves folder, then open it
  4. Put the downloaded file ‘Planetary Confinement The Dunes Map’ into the saves folder
  5. Start the game, select the new map from the menu
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