Plant Mega Pack Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Can you truly feel the love of the nature or the environment in Minecraft? Even if there are so many variety of tree, flowers, and so on. However, that seems not to suit the word nature at all. It’s mostly because of there are just little variety of them all. Now, I can figure out and get rid of that feeling by using this awesome Plant Mega Pack Mod.

MerMaidCraft Mod

MerMaidCraft Mod

MerMaidCraft Mod

Plant Mega Pack Mod is absolutely stunning mod made by 10paktimbits. This is the best mod for you if you are directly looking for the way to improve and enhance the overall atmosphere and surroundings in the world of Minecraft to have more variety of the plants. This mod basically adds in a large variety of plants. There are over 460 plants added based on the real life from all around the world. Not only that, there are 36 new trees which produce fruit, 29 total categories of plants.  You are not going to find these new stuff on land only because there are some of them that are aquatic crops and plants. Bamboo plants can now be crafted into blocks and useful items. As it adds the new tree providing food which means relatively that there are more than 100 new food items added as well. What I love about this mod is that all of these can be customized using in-game screens.

Having trouble with the world isn’t like the way you like, that is painful. However, I really hope that this will help you improve the world of Minecraft to be such a happy place full of large variety of plants that everywhere you look at is all green. Tons of new items, plants, and some unique items added only within this awesome Plant Mega Pack Mod.

Plant Mega Pack Mod Main Features

  • There is a large variety of plants added, over 460 of them to the world of Minecraft
  • The total of 28 plant categories added
  • There are more than 100 new food items added
  • Some new unique and useful items added

Plant Mega Pack Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod is 100% complete, so there shouldn’t be any bug or glitches
  • This mod is not only available for Minecraft 1.9. It can be used in 1.8.0, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10 as well
  • With this mod installed, you will have so many choices of do farming with the beautiful view with the variety field of plants
  • New food for you to discover, create and eat it


  • There are way too many things added by this mod, it doesn’t mean that it’s not good, but it’s too much that you might not be able to check and play with them all

How to install Plant Mega Pack Mod

  1. Minecraft Forge with the latest version is required, so download and install it first
  2. Download Plant Mega Pack Mod, scrolling down until you see the download link
  3. Be sure to select the version that is the same with your game
  4. Simply start search browser and type in %appdata%/.minecraft
  5. Look for mods folder and go into it
  6. Copy and paste the downloaded new mod into the mods folder
  7. Start the game, check if the mod is installed and worked properly
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