Plunder’s PixelCraft Texture Pack

Have you ever used 16×16 texture pack that didn’t expect that it is 16x before? If you have never, I’d like to suggest you guys to check and try this awesome Plunder’s PixelCraft Texture Pack out! It looks pretty cool though. Here are some awesome screenshots for you to check it out!

Plunder's PixelCraft Texture Pack

Plunder's PixelCraft Texture Pack

Plunder's PixelCraft Texture Pack

Plunder’s PixelCraft Texture Pack is a pretty cool texture pack which made by ‘PlunderPixels’. This pack runs at 16×16 resolution. At first, when I tried playing this pack, I didn’t really expect its resolution and thought that this must be 32x32x or something higher, but when I saw the resolution, I was like WOW. Overalls look pretty damn interesting. This pack comes with medieval style which will overhaul your Minecraft world to look brand new and fresh combined with shaders. All the textures for each block have been done wonderful and the another good point is that this pack is 100% complete. It’s quite rare for me to actually say, ”I like this texture pack”. Especially, for the 16×16 texture pack, but this one got my attention, really great job though. The fire animation of this pack is my favorite. They look a bit cartoonish mixed with realistic that makes it so cool! It is a must check. All the stone textures look pretty cool. All woods are also well done as well, it’s like the main character that most of texture pack would make this one look the best. If you are using shaders with this pack, I would recommend you to use wood to build everything up and decorate with some of the glowstone, then everything you make will look freaking awesome!

If you find this Plunder’s PixelCraft Texture Pack interesting and you think you can enjoy them for a while, why not give it a go!? There is the download link below, be sure not to miss it or you will miss one of the most good looking 16x texture pack! Hehe lol.

Plunder’s PixelCraft Texture Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this texture pack is 16×16
  • Medieval overhaul style

Plunder’s PixelCraft Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • Due to its default resolution make the FPS stable, so there would be no lag for sure
  • Even if this pack is just 16×16 resolution, still the overall give a pretty nice feeling offered


  • This pack comes with low resolution, so some people might not want to use it because all the details are not enough for them though

Plunder’s PixelCraft Texture Pack Change Log

  • Comets in MCPatcher sky added
  • Easter egg added
  • Fun stuff on the mobs added
  • A creeper face fix added, they must look sexy for now
  • New music added
  • Compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft

How to install Plunder’s PixelCraft Texture Pack

  1. Download Plunder’s PixelCraft Texture Pack.jar from the download link below
  2. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder and go into ‘resourcepacks’ folder
  3. Copy and paste the downloaded .jar file into your ‘resourcepack’ folder
  4. Run the game
  5. Select your beloved pack and have some fun!