Pokemon Heonn Map

The map includes grasses such as the ds form of pokemon by which whenever you walk pass you’ll meet an outrageous pokemon. this map adds you tons of factor such as the grass (what i’ve stated earlier), the npc’s, the pokemons (actually you need to download the pokemon mod too), the pokemon gyms, the clinic’s, and individuals pokemon cities! As this is only a map there’s no systems like catching pokemons and pokemon fight added. So, you ought to be installing the pokemon mod or even the pokemon cube mod at all. So essentially this mod just upgraded minecraft as the second nomal map added, one factor that’s special is it is designed because the famous pokemon texture pack required for the Pokemon Heonn Map is here now

Pokemon Heonn Map

Pokemon Heonn Map Main Features

  • The cycling road (should you performed pokemon in ds before)
  • Slate port beach
  • The dessert
  • The region that transport you to definitely dewong city
  • Plenty of towns, urban centers, and metropolitan areas added

How to install Pokemon Heonn Map

  1. To start with download two files
  2. Then extract the map file on your hard drive
  3. Relabel it as being “world1? that will replace your world 1 slot
  4. Click on the start menu
  5. Then “run”
  6. Type “%appdata%”
  7. Roaming files
  8. Then “.minecraft” folder
  9. Then Goto “saves” folder
  10. Place your map here
  11. Return to your “.minecraft” folder
  12. Visit “texturepack” folder
  13. Place your texture pack here without unzipping
  14. DONE!
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