Pokemon Mod

It will allow you to catch pokemon in real life in-game of minecraft. Personally, I want to be the very best and like no one ever was, to catch them is my real test and train them all. Pokemon gotto catch them all! If you are familiar with this song then you are a true pokemon master and what i am about to offer you, i promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Pokemon Mod

Pokemon Mod 1

Pokemon Mod 2

Pokemon Mod is coming to MineCraft and it all for the good of every gamers. What you basically get with this map is you will enter a world full of wild pokemon, where you will travel and try to catch them all. You will train your own pokemon to become powerful enough to face all the other wild and powerful pokemon. You will get challenge to a duel from time to time. Add that to Evolution system, Pokemon Center and Pokemon Market. Basically you will experience Pokemon in with MineCraft!

There is not many game that can boost the same fan base as Pokemon but MineCraft is a rare case here. Here you will see what a combination of the two most popular game will lead to! The answer is a whole new level of AWESOMENESS! Those who have not played Pokemon before, you should play this cause you are missing out on a great game

Pokemon Mod Main Feature

  • A whole lot of pokemon get put in
  • Evolution system being inplant
  • Realistic Game system as Pokemon

Pokemon Mod Pros and Cons


  • Pokemon Theme to MineCraft game
  • Playable system where player can enjoy Pokemon to some extent


  • There still alot of work need to be done to this mod
  • Require the minecraft forge before playing

How to install Pokemon Mod

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Forge at the begin
  2. Download the Pokemon Mod
  3. Run at windows menu bar and type %appdata%
  4. Found .minecraft folders and check out in there
  5. Drag and drop file downloaded .jar or .zip into mods folders
  6. Go to your Launcher of Minecraft and playing!
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