Potion Bears Mod

This is a mod that I would like to introduce you to know it, right now! you can see it that look pretty and all kinds of adorable. There’s so many different colors and adds 16 Bears, to activate these little bears each one has different potion effect built into it.

Potion Bears Mod

Potion Bears Mod 1

Potion Bears Mod 2

Potion Bears Mod 3

Potion Bears Mod 4

Potion Bears Mod this’s made by ‘Seapeekay’, If you like this mod and would like to know more, you can follow him on site youtube. So, let’s talk about this mod more, to activate it you must literally shift.

So, If you shift and right-click the best supposed to turn around, if you right-click theme without anything in your hands that you will get a little love heart come out when you press them. But, if you guys activate them with a diamond for example, when you click the grey bear with your diamond that will give you invisibility 3 for 20 seconds.

Potion Bears Mod Main Features

  • This is something that i think it wonderful to have in a multiplayer. So, you can press when you need to get a new potion effect for different bear .
  • Okay now, you should to know more what each bear has a different Potion Effect :
    • Lime that give to instant health
    • Yellow will give you to glowing 3 die glow
    • Light Blue for water breathing that very useful
    • Magenta it’s a health boost
    • Orange add to fire resistance
    • White for fast speed while movement
    • Pink that for luck
    • Purple add strength 3 for you
    • Blue for 3 jump boost
    • Brown that add haste
    • Green adds 3 hunger
    • Red give 3 new absorption for you
    • Black that make you withering that look like shake while you movement and you can jump really high

Potion Bears Mod Pros and Cons


  • Super easy to use when you want to get a new type potion effect, just click to activate and you will get ability.
    They’re useful for prank that I pretty sure you will be fun


  • If you use this mod that gonna make you more hungry.
  • Need minecraft forge before install and play this mod

How to install Potion Bears Mod

  1. Download and install the minecraft forge first and don’t forget to check the version before install it.
  2. Download the Potion Bears Mod
  3. Go to Run on menu bar of windows
  4. Type %appdata% and look at file .minecraft folder
  5. Copy and past the file downloaded .jar into mods folder
  6. Launch you minecraft and don’t forget to check the mod.
  7. Enjoy while playing!
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