Potion Protect Plugin Bukkit

Are you a host for normal server ? Normal server means, everyone is equal by there is no gamemode. But that will be problems because every single server, there will be trolls that keep destroying your house, stealing your stuff, killing your pets. That’s kind of boring, and annoying. I’d like to suggest you guys to try this awesome Potion Protect Plugin Bukkit which will help you solve every problem.

Potion Protect Plugin Bukkit

Potion Protect Plugin Bukkit

Potion Protect Plugin Bukkit

There will be many new commands added, some configurations are added, too. This Potion Protect Plugin Bukkit will add three new potions which users can make a purchasing either through a command (/pp buy) or through the sign shops. You can also configure the plugin in the config file. Also, there are permissions of buying and using of those three potions. By using it, the potions create the scope area when it is splashed which will protect the place, and only a person who splashed the potion can build and break blocks. You can also add your friends to allow them coming to your place. The size of the area can be configured in the plugin config.

This Potion Protect Plugin Bukkit is also compatible with WorldGuard. For those who are bored with trolls in your server, you might want to install this plugin preventing those annoyed people. So, you can have fun that nothing can break you.

Potion Protect Plugin Bukkit Main Features

  • Protect you place by splashing each three potion to locate protected area

Potion Protect Plugin Bukkit Pros and Cons


  • Help you to be private, no one is going to get in to your place.
  • There will be no trolls anymore.


  • There is no bad things in this plugin, but only the command that you have to spend time to learn first

Potion Protect Plugin Bukkit Change Log

  • Updated to the latest version of Minecraft
  • Compiled to the latest Dev Build
  • Fences changed,and some removed

How to install Potion Protect Plugin Bukkit

  1. You must have your Bukkit server folder
  2. Download the Potion Protect Plugin Bukkit
  3. Get your plugin.jar and place it in the plugins folder
  4. Run the server and wait for it to completely load
  5. Type stop in your Minecraft server console to bring the server to a clean stop
  6. Run the server !
  7. Done, check if the plugin is completely installed
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