Presence Footsteps Mod

What if there is the sound when you walk, sprint, jump or land in Minecraft? That would be fantastic right? Anyways, there are sounds when you do something like that, but with this one installed to your Minecraft. There will be so many sounds depending on your movements and that one is called Presence Footsteps Mod.

Presence Footsteps Mod

Presence Footsteps Mod

Presence Footsteps Mod is a pretty cool mod which a very interesting feature. This mod does what the title says which is all about movement sounds. There are sounds when you walk around your Minecraft world. That’s not the point yet! The sound will be different each time you walk onto different block! Each block has their own sound, but footsteps needed. This will make you feel more fun while playing. It is a brand new experience that you will face. I know that most of you might think that the sounds in Minecraft is a bit too lazy, but that does not mean the sounds that currently existing without any mod installed will make the game boring, but will make the game look a bit more exciting and interesting when played. Moreover, there are sounds when you walk through things like reeds, grass and so on. When you are sprinting, there is also a sound which is quite different from walking sound though. When you jump or fall down and land, there are also sounds as well! So, don’t you think this mod is useful for you guys? It is pretty amazing that this kind of mod has created for us to use.

If you interest in this mod or impress at least a bit, why not give this awesome Presence Footsteps Mod a go right now! There is the download link below waiting for you to check it out! Note! Be sure to have fun guys!

Presence Footsteps Mod Main Features

  • There are different sounds when you walk on each different block
  • There are sounds while walking through things
  • Jumping and Landing have sounds
  • There is a sound indicate that you are walking or running

Presence Footsteps Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod gives you a new experience with your movements


  • This mod might make no sense for some people, just adding the sound for your movement

How to install Presence Footsteps Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Start Minecraft Launcher and choose the ‘Forge’ profile
  3. Search for %appdata% and find your .minecraft
  4. Open mods folder
  5. Place the mod file into the mods’ folder (do not extract the zip file)
  6. Start Minecraft with Forge Profile, then sit back, relax and ready to have fun!
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