Project 1845 Map

Do you know China is a big country and have a lot of history, Right ? Therefore, I will bring some landmark of ancient Chinese and Beijing in your game by use Project 1845 Map. I confident you will love it. So, please don’t miss to try this one.

Project 1845 Map

Project 1845 Map

Project 1845 Map

Project 1845 Map

Project 1845 Map is the big project that will make you amazing when use this map. This is because the map adapt form Some China landmarks and popular attractions. So, the people who like know about history of China I’d would like to suggest you the map is one way that you can watch about greatness of China. More than 30 million blocks are used to build the building and environment in order to making the most realistic to China. If you play this map with Authentic Chinese Texture Pack, that give you more feeling like a real place.

Lastly, I hope all of you guys happy with the Project 1845 Map because it’s not easy to make the amazing map like this one. So, I think this map is the great map that show you about the beautiful China attraction.

Project 1845 Map Main Features

  • Adapt form ancient Chinese landmarks and around Beijing City
  • Look like real a place

Project 1845 Map Pros and Cons


  • Feel like you were in China.
  • Beautiful and realistic.
  • low spec-computer can run it.


  • Unfinished building comlplete 6.2%.
  • Due to the map is very large, so may cause get some lag.

Project 1845 Map Change log

  • Built more buliding.
  • Rebuild something to make it look real building.
  • Add more roads.

How to install Project 1845 Map

  1. Download and install Snap Shot in your computer.
  2. Download the Project 1845 Map from download link below.
  3. Press start, then search for %appdata%.
  4. Look for “.minecraft” folder.
  5. Look for “saves” folder.
  6. Drag the .zip files to “saves” folder and extract the .zip.
  7. Start game enjoy !
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