ProjectRed Mod

The next mod that will really make those who are the fans of using Redstone thingy would be really happy and proud of it is the mod called ProjectRed Mod. As I mentioned that this mod would be something really about the redstone stuff, so those who have no clue of what it is or those who have never tried to use the redstone thing might not find anything to do here.

ProjectRed Mod

ProjectRed Mod is a pretty cool mod made by Mr_TJP. This mod basically is about the tech or technology that if you love using redstone and you are an expert of using it, you would know very well that you cannot live without them right? As it allows you to do so many things which most are convenient and comfortable or even make thing more effective and efficient. Let’s get into the mod, this mod currently adds in two basic items which are the Wires and Logic Gates. The Wires will work sort of things like redstone dust, but they can be transmitted up to 256 blocks which can go up, under blocks, or even around the corners. Pretty useful huh? Yes it is. The next one is the Logic Gate will allow you to take a huge building of redstone cycle and squeeze it into a tiny logic gate which can be placed on any solid block on any side. Anways, this one is just a part of the whole mod which there are also many new tech things for you to use and enjoy with. For example, the ForgeMultipart and Microblocks which those two are compatible to use together with this mod to improve the quality of the contents!

If you find this Forge ProjectRed Mod awesome and full of useful things, you’d better check it out right now and the link download is below waiting for you to click! Even those people who have never used redstone before, but still they can enjoy and have fun with this awesome mod and know everything about it by reading only!

ProjectRed Mod Main Features

  • This mod is all about the technology
  • Wires and Logic gate being added coming up with really useful features

ProjectRed Mod Pros and Cons


  • With this mod installed, playing with the redstone will be something really easy and you won’t be stuck with some of the pattern of it anymore
  • 2 useful things added that will be your helpers!


  • Those who do not use the redstone might really have nothing to do with this mod as it’s depended or based on the redstone
  • This mod requires Minecraft Forge to work, so you need to download and install it first before installing the mod
  • Some bug and glitches issues can’t be fixed yet, have to wait for the next update

How to install ProjectRed Mod

  1. Minecraft Forge is heavily needed to make the mod works properly, so download and install it with appropriated version
  2. Download ProjectRed Mod from the link below
  3. Go to the searching browser by opening up your tab menu and type in the search blank
  4. %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/mods
  5. Once you are in the mods folder (if you don’t have just create one), just drag the downloaded file and place it here in the mods folder
  6. Everything’s done
  7. Enjoy and have a good day!
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