PseudoCraft Texture Pack

There are so many awesome texture packs that help to make your Minecraft look much more realistic, make your game play look much better. Usually, most of them will be holding or on with a high-resolution that most people can’t handle this with their computer. So, this PseudoCraft Texture Pack is the pack that will solve those problems.

PseudoCraft Texture Pack

PseudoCraft Texture Pack

PseudoCraft Texture Pack

PseudoCraft Texture Pack is a 16×16 resolution coming up with a good detail decorated. The world will look much realistic and more smoother even it is made for low resolution. It’s hard to believe that 16×16 resolution could make your game play to be much more interesting, exciting to play right ? Here it is, this amazing might blow your mind up that you can’t even believe your eyes. Eventhing is changed in this pack,blocks, trees, water, lava, and more items.

This texture pack might make your Minecraft world look so simple, but you will get a realistic and smooth looking in exchange. Be sure to check this amazing pack out. This one is recommended for people who do not have high-spec computer.

PseudoCraft Texture Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this texture pack is 16×16
  • This texture pack will make your Minecraft world look much more better, smoother with no freaking lag :D.

PseudoCraft Texture Pack Pros and Cons


  • Low resolution with super cool awesome looking
  • Even with the low spec can use this pack with no lags


  • Even if this pack has a good-looking, but still in 16×16 resolution, so if you prefer more graphic looking, you might look for other texture pack

How to install PseudoCraft Texture Pack

  1. Download and install Optifine or MCPatcher
  2. Download the PseudoCraft Texture Pack
  3. Browser %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  4. Look for ‘resourcepacks’ folder
  5. Put the .zip file into ‘resourcepacks’ folder
  6. Start the game
  7. Choose the texture from the option
  8. Enjoy
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