Pyke Castle Map

Have you ever seen or watched one of the most popular and famous series called the Game of Throne? If you have and you are a fan of those series, you will find this map really interesting because this map contain some details of that series which is the atmosphere and the castle. Please, check this awesome Pyke Castle Map out now or you will be regretting later.

Pyke Castle Map

Pyke Castle Map

Pyke Castle Map

Pyke Castle Map is a really wonderful map which made or recreated to look like something that you can find in the Game of Throne series. That is the castle which look pretty much the same. If you are those who are fans of the Game of Throne series and you also love playing Minecraft. This map is a must download for you guys which you will find it really useful in order to get the idea of what your next build is going to be. Anyways, this map is just a stand alone map, so please don’t expect that there will be something for you to do though because all you have to do and play with this map is about the exploration, you will get bored pretty soon because of that. As you can see in the screenshots above, you might think that the atmosphere does not match at all, but you can fix that problem by changing the resource pack and even put in some shader pack and make those sky to look much more realistic together with dark mysterious theme.

If you find this map interesting and would be a new place to learn and study of the structure of the cast, be sure not to miss it. The link download is provided below, just download and follow the installation instruction and you are ready to play with this Pyke Castle Map.

Pyke Castle Map Main Features

  • The castle recreated from the popular and famous series called the Game of Throne

Pyke Castle Map Pros and Cons


  • This map contain one of the best castle build that I have ever seen in my life
  • Those castle will remind a fan of the Game of Thrones series which is great


  • This map is just a stand alone map which means that you won’t have much thing to do with this map except exploration
  • You will get bored pretty soon

How to install Pyke Castle Map

  1. Download Pyke Castle Maps from the link given below
  2. Be sure to download the version that suit your Minecraft game best
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  4. Then, find saves folder and open it
  5. Simply drag the downloaded file and drop in the saves folder
  6. Launch the game, select the new map from your saves selection
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