Quake 3 Arena Map

Are you looking for a new map to play with your Minecraft or even apply into your server? Something like custom map which might be best suitable or be your new cup or coffee of playing PvP. Somehow, if you do interest in making map which allow player to fight against each other, I would recommend and really want you to look at this map. At least, give this awesome Quake 3 Arena Map a go! Here are some screenshots of the things that you will find yourself enjoy in this map.

Quake 3 Arena Map

Quake 3 Arena Map

Quake 3 Arena Map

Quake 3 Arena Map is a really interesting map which creatively made by ‘minecraft-pg5’. As you can see those pictures above, don’t you think this map is awesome? Yes it is, there are so many details and things that you could enjoy it just from watching. From at first glance, this map look cool, but when played with it you will see how excitement you will get. The style of this map is simple, but cool. If you have ever played with Quake 3 Arena, you would enjoy it a lot right? This one is like the add-on or DLC of that one which will add something new to the world of Minecraft. As well as, there are so many people asking about the coordinates to the actual map part, so here is the answer which is you will spawn next to a Line of beds fly up its about 1 block outside of that. This is the map which will be best suitable if you are going to apply with your PvP server. Players will feel brand new and have another feeling that won’t be the same anymore. The way to set up your path to be the last one standing is quite simple with this map.

So, don’t you find any interesting in this Quake 3 Arena Map? If you do, so what about giving it a go right now? The download link is below, so just scroll down till you see the link download, select the version that you want to play with, then follow the installation instruction, and you are good to go with this awesome map!

Quake 3 Arena Map Main Features

  • A really cool idea map for PvP server
  • This map is like a DLC version or add on of Quake 3 Arena

Quake 3 Arena Map Pros and Cons


  • A new way to play PvP on any server
  • Brand new feeling which will give another feeling and atmosphere that you will get when played with this map
  • A really nice model with so many textures and details inside of every single thing


  • Actually, if we are looking at the structure, some people would say, this is too simple, and some will say, this map lack a lot of thing, that is just self-opinion, you will have to try it out yourself, see it with your own eyes
  • This map is just a custom map which will be the best to be used with PvP server, otherwise, it would be too simple

How to install Quake 3 Arena Map

  1. Download Quake 3 Arena Map from the link download given below this page
  2. Be sure to select and download the right version that would be compatible with your Minecraft version
  3. Go to the start menu, then type in %appdata%
  4. Double-click roaming folder, as well as .minecraft
  5. Look for saves folder, and be ready
  6. Drag and drop the downloaded file into this folder
  7. All done, you are good to go
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