Quakecraft Map

Have you ever played PvP map in Minecraft? I mean any map, I know that most of you have. All of the PvP map look interesting and exciting to play with, so if you love playing PvP, love to kill player, I would recommend you to use this map in order to set your new smart strategies to fight with your opponents which is called Quakecraft Map.

Quakecraft Map

Quakecraft Map

Quakecraft Map is an epic and amazing custom map which made by ‘Hypixel’. This map is really suitable to play with PvP not PvE. What does PvP mean? Most of you would know well about that word, but let me explain for those who don’t know. PvP is a short form of player versus player which means players can attack each other and doing so is generally not discouraged on such servers or in multi-player. So if you play in PvP server which does not  have an interesting map, you would certainly get bored of it really soon, but with this one is different.

All the details look so wonderfully fantastic which you would enjoy for hours, days. It is quite small, but a lot of fun waiting for you. What more is good about this map is that no any mod required to play this map, you can easily download from the link below and play with your friends or even join to other hosts’ servers. There is also an objective which you will have to capture 8 points in the map. Those points are indicated by beacon lights, so you can easily see where each point is. For server settings, be sure to turn off monsters, turn off animals.

If you find this awesome Quakecraft Map interesting and attractive, why not give it a go and get ready to prepare your smart strategies and fight against your enemies! The download link is below for you, be sure to download the one that suit best to your Minecraft version.

Quakecraft Map Main Features

  • Railgun added, actually is it a strong bow
  • There is the system of capture point
  • The system of automation
  • There are invincible buffs
  • Portals added

Quakecraft Map Pros and Cons


  • A really cool designs which look very interesting custom map
  • New PvP map which look so creatively well done
  • This map is 100% complete
  • The invincible buffs which make the game become much more interesting and challenging


  • This map is quite small, that you might see what other people doing, there is like no place to hide

How to install Quakecraft Map

  1. Install this map by correctly following the instruction below including
  2. Download the map that you are going to apply it to your world which is Quakecraft Map .zip
  3. Browse to %appdata% and open saves folder
  4. Put the entire file without extracting into saves folder
  5. Start the game, then you are good to go
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