Quintessential Creatures Mod 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Another cool mod that adds in some new mobs that you will eventually be in love with it is the mod called Quintessential Creatures Mod. Reading from the title, the name might remind you something right? You’re probably right if you are thinking about the Quintessential Creatures Mod. This mod is pretty much the same, but everything seems to be upgraded with the better quality of the designs and many more aspects that can be potentially improved.

Quintessential Creatures Mod

Quintessential Creatures Mod

Quintessential Creatures Mod

Quintessential Creatures Mod is a quite interesting mod that will literally add in some of the creatures or what we call them ‘mobs’. Don’t expect it to be over-add with something that don’t make any senses because what this mod does will totally fit the concept of the game for both designs and the existence of the creatures that should’ve been added into the world of Minecraft since released. You might wonder why this is the 2.0 after the mod name. This is because this one is the revamp version trying to assemble all the realistically possible way to bring the better designs to all the mods including the creator’s ideas and some from the community as well. It could be said that in the next continuous updates, most of the models and the creatures that will be added are based on what community suggestion. So, what’s included in this mod are Octopus, Tortoise, Troll, Angler, Armadillo, and Blowfish. It’s pretty realistic to individual ability and feature these things have. When you attack the Octopus, they will flee and squirt a cloud of ink obscuring vision of yours. You can tame the tortoise by feeding it flowers. Next, the armadillo which will protect themselves by rolling into ball which only part that can be attacked is from their back. As you know how hard its back is, once you hunt and kill it, you can claim your prize which is the section of its armor. The blowfish is pretty much like the cactus when puffed. So, let’s talk about the hostile mobs like troll and angler. The troll is actually the scariest mob that you will find in your world as it will only go hunting at night throwing the stone at you which deal a decent damage, but it fears the sun and will turn in to stone form. The angler is like a normal fish but frightening living in the dark and deep under the ocean.

That’s all what you get from installing this Quintessential Creatures Mod. It might not add that many new contents for you. However, for all of these you get are pretty enough to enjoy the new world full of mobs both peaceful and hostile ones. Enjoy hunting or to be hunted. You don’t have to fight and see the same old mobs anymore. With these new mobs added, the new gameplay experience will even be better.

Quintessential Creatures Mod Main Features

  • This one with the number 2.0 is actually a revamp of the original mod named Quintessential Creatures and the purpose is to make everything better by adding the many new designs for both individual ones from the creators, but also from what community has been requesting as well without any bug involved or occurred during the play
  • There is a lot of new sensational creatures or mobs added into the game including Octopus, Tortoise, Troll, Angler, Armadillo, and Blowfish

Quintessential Creatures Mod Pros and Cons


  • If you would like to have any new creatures added in the next updates, you can go join the community about this and request for easily and it should be appropriately suitable to the concept of the game as well, one day you might find what you asked added in this mod
  • This mod is completely 100% done, so there should be no bugs found while playing
  • All the mobs added are designed nearly that fits perfectly to the aspect of the game’s concept


  • To get the best features provided in this mod, you will need to download and install Minecraft Forge first before installing this mod

How to install Quintessential Creatures Mod

  1. Download Quintessential Creatures Mod from the link download below
  2. Download Minecraft Forge
  3. Be sure to get both files of the things above with the most compatible version by checking your game’s version
  4. Install Minecraft Forge first
  5. Start searching for %appdata%/.minecraft
  6. In this folder, look for mods folder
  7. Place the downloaded mod file into the mods folder
  8. Finished
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