Ragecraft Series Map

Have you ever heard of the map named Ragecraft? If you have, you might not be amazed that much because what I have for you today is the series of Rage craft which named as Ragecraft Series Map. There are like three of them which you will find yourself forget the real world and enjoy the amazingly well designed map that you might have never seen before.

Ragecraft Series Map

Ragecraft Series Map

Ragecraft Series Map

Ragecraft Series Map is an amazing series of Ragecraft map which are the adventure map that you will find yourself having so much fun with the features given by those three. There are so many new things that you might have never seen before. All of them are great pieces of arts attaching together and result as the greatest work that the creator have put so much effort, it’s like even if the effort can not be counted, but what he did or put into this series are more than that. If you are those who enjoy huge, challenging, combat=oriented CTM maps, this series would be your new cup of coffee. On the other hand, you do not have to be those who enjoy things like that, but you might want to study the model and the design of everything in this mod which is like the other world. The world that you have never thought that you would find it someday. Not only the maps that look cool, but some other custom mobs look cool as well.

If you feel bored of the same Minecraft that you will have to do your same boring routine in every single day like mining, farming, breeding and many other tasks which you want something that will bring you to life again, so with this series called Ragecraft Series Map, you might be able to do that.

Ragecraft Series Map Main Features

  • Uncountable effort putting in this series
  • The Ragecraft I : 30-60 hours with 8 out of 10 difficulty, 18 mandatory
  • The Ragecraft II : 30-60 hours with 7 out of 10 difficulty, 16 mandatory and 16 optional

Ragecraft Series Map Pros and Cons


  • If you feel bored these three adventure maps will be like a cure for you which you will enjoy the loads of fun given by these maps
  • Only the details and the views can make you feel relax and enjoyable


  • This map contain a lot of details which you might find your game crashed of lag sometimes if you do not have a good one, I mean the computer
  • The first one or the corrupted path is very outdated and slightly unbalanced
  • There is no any major updates coming out recently
  • The third one is currently in development

Ragecraft Series Map Change Log

  • Some minor bug issues fixed
  • Compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft

How to install Ragecraft Series Map

  1. Download Ragecraft Series Map from the link given below, there are actually three version in this series with two version suitable for Minecraft
  2. Just select one that you want to play with and make sure it’s compatible with your game version
  3. Browse to %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  4. Find ‘saves’ folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the ‘saves’ folder
  6. Start the game, select the new map from your main menu
  7. Enjoy!
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