Ranged Pumps Mod

This’s a super simple mod that will allow you to get new pump which this features can pumps liquids in a range by place it down, and the Ranged Pumps Mod it also working all time and not stop until you disable the Redstone or tank is full. That’s mean if you guys put the pump down with-out the Redstone signal, there will not working.

Ranged Pumps Mod

Ranged Pumps Mod 1

Ranged Pumps Mod 2

First of all, before using the Ranged Pumps Mod that need minecraft forge to working without crash and Forge Energy by default. So, you can customized to using energy in the config or not. Next, you can improve the size of the pump’s internal tank is by increase or decrease at the config, that start by default 32.

Ranged Pumps Mod Main Features

  • By using this features, just right-click on the pump to know what it is doing and if this pump is working that will start by pumping liquids 1 block.
  • By default range it’s 64 blocks
  • There are have function to allow you auto-push liquids to neighboring tanks

Ranged Pumps Mod Pros and Cons


  • You will found many features of pump which allow you to pumps liquids in a range
  • There are some functions to customized by using energy and you can config by your self


  • Require the ‘Minecraft forge’ before playing this mod and still need ‘Forge Energy’ to working well.

How to install Ranged Pumps Mod

  1. Download and install the Minecraft forge and find the ‘Forge Energy’ too.
  2. Download the Ranged Pumps Mod
  3. Run at your windows menu-bar and search by type %appdata%
  4. Locate .minecraft folders and drop the file downloaded .jar into the mods folders
  5. Open your Minecraft Launcher and playing!
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