ReactorCraft Mod

When you want to play the game Minecraft, you will always find it really fun to play at the start or the beginning of the new world right? And it keeps getting boring by the time that you have been playing in the same world which you might need some helpers to make you enjoy the game and feel like this game is freaking interesting by what? By using mod, of course and I would like to recommend you to check this mod out which is called ReactorCraft Mod.

ReactorCraft Mod

ReactorCraft Mod

ReactorCraft Mod is one the Reika’mods which is also depended on the DragonAPI mod as well. This mod basically is a mod adding realistic nuclear reactors for both in fission and fusion into the world of Minecraft. Some or few people might want this thing to really happen in the Minecraft world as it would have been something wonderfully freaking cool. As this mod also depends on RotaryCraft which is the mod required to be installed before using this one making some people do not like it. But anyways, with the features given about the simulation is what make this mod awesome. The goal for this mod is also like the previous one which is to make it as much realistic as possible by the control systems to manipulate control rods, feed fuel and many other things. As you may guess about how realistic it is, imagine about the fuel that will be created realistically. Importantly, the reactors which act like a main character of this mod which have to be built in a way that will reflect real reactors depending on the placement of fuel rods, control rods, and other reactor core stuff needed.

If you find this ReactorCraft Mod interesting and would be fun which everything is realistic according to our real life due to the system features provided, why not give this mod a go right now! No regret in this awesome mod, I swear to all of you.

ReactorCraft Mod Main Features

  • The reactors added which are a large multiblock
  • New stuff added, which is the core components of the reactor including of fuel rods, control rods, and many other things
  • Realistic system provided

ReactorCraft Mod Pros and Cons


  • You will be really satisfied with the features given by this mod that make everything to be realistic with the physics simulation
  • Many new things added for you to enjoy without getting bored for a while or forever!
  • New aspect of the game relying on our real life


  • There are 3 thing requires before you can install and play this mod on your world, first of all, the Minecraft Forge, next is the DragonAPI and the last one is the RotaryCraft

How to install ReactorCraft Mod

  1. Download 3 things including of Minecraft Forge with your game version, DragonAPI and RotaryCraft and install them all
  2. Download ReactorCraft Mod from the link below with your game version as well
  3. Go into your Minecraft directory by searching for %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/mods
  4. Drag and drop all the files you download into the mods folder
  5. Check from the mods option in the game and see if they’re available, then you are ready to go!
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