Realistico Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

To be honest, I don’t really like playing with the realistic resource pack, but this Realistico Resource Pack is the one that have changed my mind. Unlike any boring realistic resource pack. This one is amazing and I think it will amaze you guys as well. It looks really like the real world. If you think that I exaggerated, what don’t you check it out with your own eyes?

Realistico Resource Pack

Realistico Resource Pack

Realistico Resource Pack

Realistico Resource Pack is a wonderfully fantastic resource pack made by matteorizzo. This is the pack that will completely blow your mind with the realistic. It has so much potential and should be awarded as the best realistic resource pack out there. Everything single texture detail is created with love, passion, and fascination. It feels so right when seeing the realistic resource pack give you the real one. I mean all the texture details are like the real one that you can see in your daily life, but it’s somehow much better. The texture will make you breathtaking. It looks so stunning. You won’t really believe your own eyes. What make this map unique and real is the new technique used which is called the bump mapping. Actually, I don’t really have any idea about it, but he said that it’s the technique used to fake bumps and wrinkles on the surface of an object based on the light calculations. Unfortunately, this pack only comes with such a high resolution which is 512×512. If you want to feel and experience the best feature provided in this map, you need to install shader pack as well, but that will truly burn your graphic card for sure.

So, I think that’s the technique used to make this awesome Realistico Resource Pack absolutely stunning with its texture details. If you are looking for a realistic resource pack to play with. Let’s just try this one out. It’s truly worth to be called one of the best.

Realistico Resource Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this resource pack is 512×512
  • Bump mapping technique used

Realistico Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • This will completely change the appearance of the game to be something fresh and more pleasure to look at
  • With this very high resolution, every details are made with love!


  • This resource pack comes with only an extremely resolution which is 512×512, you must have such a good computer with incredible graphic card to play with
  • You might have to spend some money to buy the full pack though

How to install Realistico Resource Pack

  1. Install Optifine or MCPatcher first
  2. Download Realistico Resource Pack from the link download given below
  3. Download the latest or the most compatible version comparing to your game
  4. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  5. Find resourcepacks folder
  6. Simply place the downloaded new resource pack file into the resourcepacks folder
  7. Apply the new resource pack in-game
  8. Done
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