Reborn Core Mod

It’s a new library that used for the Tech Reborn team’s mods and some other mod like, Tech Reborn, Quantum Storage, Fluxed Redstone, Hardcore Map Reset, etc. Reborn Core Mod which will allow you guys to ship less duplicate files and get bugs minimum. Also, that improve to keeping ram usage too. So, let’s check this out when you ready.

Reborn Core Mod

Reborn Core Mod Main Features

  • More then that includes with helper classes :
  • Fuel power – That very useful which will help you guys add power values to fuel
  • Custom tool api – That help us to add tooltips easier to item stack and walia too.
  • Custom slots – Which will allow you to use custom slots
  • Connected texture generator – This is the last things that allow you guys to generate connecting textures while at runtime.

Reborn Core Mod Pros and Cons


  • The mod is amazing version that adds new library which used in the Tech Reborn team’s mods and the other mod.
  • Includes with the helper classes like Fuel power, Custom tool api, Custom slots and Connected texture generator


  • Require the file of minecraft forge and i don’t sure that working with the other mod that i never talk.

How to install Reborn Core Mod

  1. Download the minecraft forge in the first time before playing this mod
  2. Download the Reborn Core Mod
  3. Go to run on windows menu bar
  4. Type %appdata%
  5. Drag and drop the file downloaded .jar into mods folders
  6. Playing this mod and done!
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