Recall Stone Mod

Most of the teleportation related mod out there seem to be mainly focus on making players have to do multiple tasks before they are able to apply the feature. Of course, those tasks are to craft so many things and follow so many instructions. Therefore, it could be tedious in some cases that make players don’t want to use it anymore. Unlike this Recall Stone Mod which is much easier to use.



Recall Stone Mod is a mod that has been designed to provide players the features based on the teleportation. It’s not going to be exactly the same like every other teleportation based mods out there that you were expecting. You don’t really have to go through several or multiple tasks before you can actually be able to teleport. All you need to do is to craft the recall stone. Once you’ve already got your hands on this new item. The way to use is extremely simple and easy. You just sneak and right click while holding it in order to set up the location or the waypoint that you can then teleport back from anywhere in the world. Also, you need to keep in mind that this recall stone comes with a charge system. It’s not going to be complicated because each time you teleport, the energy of the stone will be decreased and will finally run out. So, you cannot use it anymore unless you have it replenished first. What’s more interesting is another feature provided by the mod which is the dimension based recall stone that will allow players to teleport between dimensions easily.

If you love this kind of features, but you don’t want to repeat the tedious tasks before you can actually teleport, then this Recall Stone Mod might be one of the best out there. It’s useful, convenient and yet easy to use. Be sure to keep your eyes on the charges or the energy each time you use it and you will be fine.

Recall Stone Mod Main Features

  • There are new recipes added called recall stones which players can then utilize to teleport from one location to another location or even across the dimensions

Recall Stone Mod Pros and Cons


  • The way to use it is really easy as well as it doesn’t require that much of complicated and headache process that you have to go through, simply use it right away
  • You can now teleport from one location to another location using this recall stone


  • Just so you know that there are lots of this kinds of features of the mods out there, this might not be one of the best, but at least it offers the same features
  • Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version is heavily needed to operate the mod and the game

How to install Recall Stone Mod

  1. Download Recall Stone Mod file with the most compatible version from the link download provided below
  2. Download Minecraft Forge with the latest or the most compatible version as well
  3. Install Minecraft Forge
  4. Navigate yourself into your Minecraft directory or simply search for %appdata%/.minecraft
  5. Inside here, find mods folder and head into
  6. Place the downloaded file without extracting into the mods folder
  7. All done
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