Recipe Book Mod

This mod can add book which has all the feasible crafting recipes inside of it. The things inside the recipe book cannot be touched, but are there just so you realize how you can craft a particular item. So, let’s check this Recipe Book Mod out.

Recipe Book Mod 1.6.1

We have to have set up the Modloader 1st if need to use Recipe Book Mod. This item when employed opens up a GUI of just about every recipe that could be accomplished. The things can not be touched, but you are able to study tool tip. Left click moves to subsequent recipe. Suitable click moves to earlier recipe. The recipe for recipe book is 1 book, 1 ink sac.

Recipe Book Mod it is a shapeless recipe. As a way to craft the book at Recipe Book Mod, just location an ink sac (could be obtained by killing a squid) proper subsequent to a book. As a way to access the book, appropriate click it though it is inside your hand. So as to navigate about the recipe book, make use of the left mouse button to visit the subsequent recipe and make use of the correct mouse button to visit the earlier recipe :

  • Recipe Book 11150×150

How to install Recipe Book Mod

  1. Download ModLoader
  2. Drag and drop .class files into minecraft.jar
  3. Delete META-INF
  4. Run Minecraft
  5. Done!
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