Refined Storage Mod

That allow you guys to mass storage on network-based system which include store items and the fluids on expandable device network. However, Refined Storage Mod it’s not just only add the feature of storage solutions, but including with devices which useful for manipulate items and blocks on minecraft world. Also, there are some devices that will allow you guys to setup auto-crafting, It’s super easier to use by press in a few click which will making recipes craft of complex look simple.

Refined Storage Mod

Refined Storage Mod 1

Refined Storage Mod 2

Refined Storage Mod 3

Refined Storage Mod when you already install this mod that you will found the player can access into the inventories of many devices super simple easy through by the single unified GUI.

Refined Storage Mod Main Features

  • So, if you guys get some of Items and fluids that can be stored. Just use storage capabilities that this mod offers to you.
  • Moreover, the player can connecting any storage devices to the same network that through by simple Grid interface, that’s mean you guy can get access into the inventories of many devices by GUI

Refined Storage Mod Pros and Cons


  • Adds new feature which help you to get storage solutions on network system, items and fluids
  • Some devices that help you to setup auto-crafting easier.
  • You guys can get access the inventories (GUI) super easy.


  • Yes, It’s look like the other that you ever see before. Just need the minecraft forge before playing this mod.

How to install Refined Storage Mod

  1. First, download the Minecraft Forge and install it
  2. Download and install the Refined Storage Mod
  3. Go to run on windows menu bar
  4. Type %appdata% and looking .minecraft folder
  5. Drop the file downloaded .jar into mods folder
  6. Just, launcher your minecraft game.
  7. Playing and have fun!
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