Relief Parkour Map

The titles of this Relief Parkour Map speaks it all that it’s based on parkour gameplay style. It’s a map where you have to use only your parkour skills not your brain to think of something ridiculously nonsense. This map will provide the players who love playing with such challenging parkour gameplay with solid infrastructure for all the buildings. Let’s check some screenshots below to help you make your decision wisely.

Relief Parkour Map

Relief Parkour Map

Relief Parkour Map will give you a pretty solid parkour path that will be enjoyable and captivating in terms of experience gaining for sure. This map is truly one of the most challenging maps of its type. Everything is going to be very easy for you if you are really skilled at this. Don’t worry, it’s still going to be fun and might be your most satisfying moments that you’ve ever had the pleasure in this kind of map. Unlike any other parkour maps that try to ruin all the aspect of gameplay that just simply put the parkour path together with boring designs as well as the surrounded environments, this pack tend to blend everything and mix it together to give you such a perfect experience that you can’t find it anywhere but here. Basically, there are currently 18 levels of parkour and of course, it will get harder and harder as you progress through each level. This map also features in multiple different type of parkour genre including ladder, invisible, iron, and various others, so that you won’t get bored of it easily. Speaking of that, there are some special blocks like the goal blocks that act like checkpoints and the diamond blocks act like the marker that mark the end of each level, so that it can be easily noticeable.

Lastly, I would like to recommend you guys to be very prepared for this Relief Parkour Map, it’s extremely difficult at the late level and challenging as well. Also, if you ever come into contact with that lethal red clay, you will die immediately and they have been scattered throughout the map, be careful.

Relief Parkour Map Main Features

  • There are multiple different kinds of parkour sequences that you have to go through in this map including ladder, invisible, iron, and various parkour types included as well
  • The path is getting harder and tougher as you’re progressing through the map
  • There are some special blocks included as well like gold blocks act as checkpoints and the diamond blocks act as the marker that mark the end of each level
  • There are currently 18 levels provided

Relief Parkour Map Pros and Cons


  • Even if this map is completely and entirely based on parkour map play style, but everything seems to be very well designs wich such creative buildings that even make the gamplay become much more exciting and enjoyable
  • As you progress through the map in each level will get harder and harder which is extremely challenging


  • There is a death counter as one of the feature that might pressure you if you keep dying too much lol
  • This map will work perfectly find with Minecraft 1.9 version and above as it’s been designed to function with that version of Minecraft only.

How to install Relief Parkour Map

  1. Navigate yourself into the Minecraft directory
  2. Look for saves folder
  3. Open it
  4. Download Relief Parkour Map
  5. Copy the downloaded file
  6. Paste it into the saves folder
  7. Start the game, apply the new map and have fun