Render 360 Mod

Hey guys! I am here to bring your to the new mod and today I wanted to highlight a new feature that helps you to see more the world in 360 degrees by using this Render 360 Mod. If you are looking for this feature or something look like this, I believe you should download this mod.

Render 360 Mod

Render 360 Mod 1

Render 360 Mod 2

Render 360 Mod this is the last version that has been added 360 degree effect for loading screens and support optifine too. Alright, If you would like to render now, please rendering each frame 6 times as a 360-degree render, Then collates it for a full 360 degree display. So, if you want to enable that feature you should install Minecraft forge and this mod into your folder.

Render 360 Mod Main Features

  • This mod that add equirectangular static projection and support on video recording
  • However, when your guys using Resize Gui in this function. You will be able add a cursor for Cubic
  • Like i said before, this mod support very well with optifine and minecraft forge

Render 360 Mod Pros and Cons


  • It will help you capture the atmosphere of the game in a wider perspective.
  • If you are the one who loves photography or you want to get render 360 degree. This is a mod that you should not miss.


  • It’s required to work with Minecraft Forge.
  • And it needs to renders the world up to 6 times, then collates image to get a 360 degree

How to install Render 360 Mod

  1. Frist of all, Download and install the Minecraft Forge before install the mod
  2. Next, Download the Render 360 Mod
  3. Open run on windows menu bar
  4. Then go to type %appdata%, you will found .minecraft folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded file into mods folder
  6. Launch your game and don’t forget to check this mod
  7. Hope you enjoy on this!
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