ResourcePack Workbench Mod

Do you ever wonder how people create all those popular and wonderful looking resource pack and you just wish you know of a way to do it cause you have tons of great idea. Then when you found out all the headache and trouble it take just to make a texture pack, you just can’t help but feel dishearten and just give up on making them. Do not worry cause with ResourcePack Workbench Mod will be as easy as it can possible get.

ResourcePack Workbench Mod

ResourcePack Workbench Mod

ResourcePack Workbench Mod

ResourcePack Workbench Mod doesn’t actually run with the MineCraft game engine, when you download it, it will come in java file which come in it own application. Just use Java to open it and you are on your way to create your own resource pack. You will also be able to work multiple project at once cause what you do can be save in different folder so they will not crash. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need any set of skill to make use of this mod, you will need to be able to work with photoshop cause this mod frankly look and behave like photoshop program. If you fit into that group then this mod will be a piece of cake for you.

No more will you have to work your butt off just to create a meaningful resource pack, with ResourcePack Workbench Mod your life will be much easier. Remember to show your support by clicking on like on this website and this page!

ResourcePack Workbench Mod Main Features

  • Application that allow you to create your own resource pack

ResourcePack Workbench Mod Pros and Cons


  • Creating your own resource pack couldn’t be more easy than this


  • This doesn’t run in MineCraft Game
  • Require Java

How to install ResourcePack Workbench Mod

  1. Download ResourcePack Workbench Mod from our download link below
  2. Use Java to open what you download.
  3. Done! Happy Creating Resource Pack Fellow MineCrafter