Retro NES Resource Pack

The next resource pack that I would like to introduce to you guys is the pack called Retro NES Resource Pack. This pack is quite simple, but if you have a close look to all the texture detail in this pack, you will really find out that it’s really well made which mean that you really have to check this awesome pack out and see it by your own eyes.

Retro NES Resource Pack

Retro NES Resource Pack

Retro NES Resource Pack

Retro NES Resource Pack is one of the best in term of classic texture pack style out there even if it’s old lol. This pack is made out of the new color pallet as you can see in the pictures above that the color is slightly better than default one. There are so many things added or changed like some of wood planks, wheat, sandstone, wool and many more that you can find. Everything in this world will be enhanced into another level that you will really find it really interesting. Some of you might think that this kind of pack will make your world look completely different and yes, but with these updates, you won’t lose any taste of the original Minecraft game. Which this is the main reason that this pack is one of the best out there, improving of the texture quality and also maintain the original gameplay of the game.

If you find this awesome Retro NES Resource Pack interesting as you want something special applied to your world and also increase the gaming experience, so here is the pack that will do everything for you, you are going to have much more fun with this pack installed and also when you look into those surrounded things in the game

Retro NES Resource Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this resource pack is 16×16
  • Altered wooden plants
  • The trap doors don’t have hinges and windows
  • More customized blocks added
  • Some wood planks slightly changed and some other items changed as well

Retro NES Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • This pack is complete 100%, no need for more error or glitch bug fixed
  • A lot of stuff changed to look better
  • Unique texture and feeling which will enhance the gaming experience


  • The quality of this pack might not be that impressive because there is one and low resolution which is 16×16, if there were HD version of this pack, no wonder that this pack will be one of the best resource pack ever created

How to install Retro NES Resource Pack

  1. Download Retro NES Resource Pack from the link download given below
  2. Go to %appdata% and open in roaming folder
  3. Find .minecraft folder and look for resourcepacks folder
  4. Open in the resourcepacks folder, then copy and paste the downloaded file into this one
  5. Done, select your new resource pack in-game menu
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