Rise of the Pigmen Map

Talking about adventure map, you would think about those maps providing you only 5-10 minutes. More than that might be 30-1 hour right? Sometimes, with this kind of map, it must be something extremely big, huge and epic in terms of the storyline including main and side quests as well as the awesome building and design skills. So, if you can’t find one that is interesting enough for you to spare time to enjoy with. I would like you guys to have a really close look at this awesome Rise of the Pigmen Map.

Rise of the Pigmen Map

Rise of the Pigmen Map is one of the best map based on the MMO adventure map. First of all, this map is a linear storied with free roam map providing you a very interesting storyline and the plot that you will be able to read it all inside the game as well as the prologue. So, what you have to do in this map is to enjoy yourself with this beautifully enormous designed world starting from the scratch with nothing and upgrade yourself with some arms to fight against those pigmen crews from dominating the overworld.

Of course, as I mentioned, there is a lot of things to do inside this world, so starting with the side quest might be a pretty good idea as you will be rewared some valuable items and money that can be used to buy useful things like home and you can even use them to trade in shops as well. Moreover, you can explore the various types of dungeons, caves, and abandoned locations provided which everything is completely up to you, you decide what you’d like to do. In addition, there are currently 5 quest systems including blue ones which are side quests, red is the main quest that need to be done to beat the map, black quests are the dangerous quests with extremely difficult challenges. Yellow ones are the mini-games where you can relax from those things. The green ones are a separate quest line or part of the Guild quests. This map has such a huge potential and it was also popular as well among Minecraft community. Unfortunately, it’s currently not updated for some reasons which will be updated again soon, hopefully.

If you would love to have such a long journey in the world of Minecraft as well as tons of quests with such a huge map, this Rise of the Pigmen Map will totally fit you best with all the dedication and effort that the creator has put into this map. As a result, this map is surely one of the best adventure map that I’ve ever played with so far.

Rise of the Pigmen Map Main Features

  • This map is based on the adventure maps
  • This map is a linear storied with free roam map
  • The gameplay is roughly around 5-10 hours or even days
  • This map can be played from 4-8 players for the most fun and 8 is the total max amount of people allowed

Rise of the Pigmen Map Pros and Cons


  • This is a freaking huge map with an amazing concept
  • This map provides you such a long adventure where you can do the main or even side quest to enjoy the rest of your life in the new world of Minecraft
  • Not only the main and side quests provided there are the mini-games and the more difficult quest for you to go for as well which is more challenging


  • Even though this map is extremely amazing, but it really needs a lot more work on the command blocks which is another mechanic that will surely help to enhance all the work and dedication the creator has put
  • You will have to turn clouds off
  • Even if this map is extremely awesome, but it only works in the Minecraft 1.7.x series

How to install Rise of the Pigmen Map

  1. Go into the download link provided below
  2. Look for the most compatible version of the map named Rise of the Pigmen Map
  3. Simply search for %appdata%/.minecraft
  4. Open in saves folder
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded map file here in the saves folder
  6. Start the game
  7. Select the new map in-game, start the new world and you are good to go
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