Road to El Dorado Map

What’s up guys, let’s guess what I have for you today. It is a map which you might probably know what it really is because of the title right? Anyways, this is the map that you might find it pretty fun if playing with friends or even playing alone. This is the adventure map that will prove that will you die like the other adventurer or you will be the first and the only one who achieve and discover the world’s greatest legend. You can choose now while playing with this Road to El Dorado Map.

Road to El Dorado Map

Road to El Dorado Map

Road to El Dorado Map

Road to El Dorado Map is one of the most entertaining and interesting map for me that I would like you guys to have to same experience like I do. This map originally made by the developer named ‘Stone Miner’. Once upon a time that your crew and your captain have finally reached the New World, but actually it is just an island. Somehow, there is something weird coming out of your mind that you want to steal it to explore El Dorado by yourself which you will gain greater reward but alone in a hostile jungle, but in the other way is that you will be the protection of fellow conquistadors with returning to Spain like a hero. Anyways, this map is one of the example of how adventure map must actually be. As you know that there are so many map coming out together with the type of the map, but still it is not that clear. This one is the one, not only that but all the detail and content given is really attractive, in additional with the two path choosen, that is really interesting.

If you find this awesome Road to El Dorado Map interesting which you will find yourself enjoy the loads of fun given by this map. As well we your adventures will improve and increase to another level which you will never find something like this one again in your life time, I mean in Minecraft world though :D.

Road to El Dorado Map Main Features

  • Some awesome traps hidden which is like they were created by the cleaver and deadly one
  • There are tons of loot and treasure
  • Loads of fun

Road to El Dorado Map Pros and Cons


  • With this map that is quite challenging you will have most of the fun that you have never had before in your life in the world of Minecraft
  • All the designs of the map, especially the ship look so amazing
  • This map is 100% completion


  • Actually, I can not really find anything no good about this awesome map except those deadly trap that could make you die for all the time if you are not be careful
  • Some minor bug of the map that is not finished

How to install Road to El Dorado Map

  1. Download Shiganshina Road to El Dorado Map from the download link below
  2. Go to start menu and browse in %appdata% and open in roaming folder, as well as .minecraft folder
  3. Here you will find maps folder, so just simply drag and paste the downloaded new map into this folder
  4. All done, just start the game and select the map you installed, enjoy!
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