RPackMG Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Would you like to your world to look like it’s the medieval world? I mean when you build something, but the theme and the texture of the block don’t go the same way as your thought. So, why don’t you just apply the resource pack to make it look more matched? Today, I got your back with the medieval style of the pack called RPackMG Resource Pack.

RPackMG Resource Pack

RPackMG Resource Pack

Really Disturbing Tank Engines Mod

RPackMG Resource Pack is a pretty cool resource pack made by Madeas Gaming. This pack is made with the style of the Middle Ages or what we call medieval. So, that’s how your world will be based on. Mostly, the tones of the colors used in coloring to most of the blocks and items are a little bit dark to make them all look older, but they’re all good though. This is just the color tone used and it’s not even included the textures that have been made for it, but overall details look very cool. Moreover, not only the textures of all the things are made to be better, but also the atmosphere provided in the world as well that look so matched together beautifully. In addition, if you got a chance to go visit the villagers, don’t be scared though. Because their faces and looks are remade to be like a real human face lol. They all look creepy and if they become zombies, you really can’t tell the difference.

This RPackMG Resource Pack is really good for those who would like to make their world look like medieval world. Every single thing you build will be based on that style because all the blocks and items are supposed to be this way. Even if everything will look older, but the textures are in HD which make the perfect combination!

RPackMG Resource Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this resource pack is 128×128
  • This pack is based on the style of the Middle Ages or Medieval

RPackMG Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • With this pack installed, your world will be completely changed into something derived from the old world like Middle Ages
  • With this high resolution, not only the look of the world changed, but also all the textures in your world will become much more pleasant to look at as you don’t have to strain your eyes for those little bit anymore


  • The resolution of this pack is available only in 128x
  • This high resolution requires you to have Optifine installed first and also you must afford to have an average computer graphic spec to run it smoothly

How to install RPackMG Resource Pack

  1. Download and install Optifine first because this pack runs at HD resolution and Optifine will help you to run the pack smoothly without any problem
  2. Download RPackMG Resource Pack from the link download given below
  3. Be sure to download both Optifine and the resource pack with the same version as your game’s version
  4. Go to %appdata%
  5. Open .minecraft
  6. Head into resourcepacks folder
  7. Copy and paste the downloaded file into the resourcepacks folder
  8. Start the game and select the new pack that you just installed
  9. Done
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