The Texture Pack has been designed with fantastic and make you feel like playing Lego. Sure, Lego is a great job, which help strengthen a child’s imagination. It also allows you to create your work as you want. However, developers have started to develop and improve the game Minecraft allows you to design and creative imagination, it has been designed to look like a game lego. it’s called Sacrilege HD Simple Texture Pack

Sacrilege HD Simple Texture Pack

Sacrilege HD Simple Texture Pack

Sacrilege HD Simple Texture Pack This is a work that has been designed by the developers, it can work in a resolution of 32×32. Additionally, it is designed using shading and a nice beveled style. With this feature it will help make your game complete and more.

Sacrilege HD Simple Texture Pack Main Features

This has been designed with light and color is outstanding. It also has several features that help to improve the game is more balanced. You feel like you are playing Lego. It has also been detailed design increases the size doubled.

Sacrilege HD Simple Texture Pack Changelog

It has been enhanced with additional features 2 block tall grass and added the Podzol, Acacia Logs, Acacia, Sapling, Acacia Planks more. It’s resolution 32x texture pack.

How to install Sacrilege HD Simple Texture Pack

  1. Download and install MCPatcher or Optifine
  2. Go to Start Menu
  3. Then type in %appdata%
  4. Search for .minecraft
  5. Navigate to your “.minecraft” folder
  6. Find the folder called resourcepacks
  7. Drag and drop the file of Sacrilege HD Simple Texture Pack into the resourcepacks folder
  8. Run minecraft
  9. Choose the texture pack
  10. Play!
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