The Most Safe House Map

Hello everybody, welcome back to another map recommended, today I’ve got you the new map called The Most Safe House Map. This is the map providing you the ultimate redstone safe house. If you can’t imagine how it would be, I’d like to give you a hint that there are tons of mechanisms mostly based on the puzzles, redstone cycle, and traps. Be prepared once you try to explore this mysterious place!

The Most Safe House Map

The Most Safe House Map

The Most Safe House Map

The Most Safe House Map is one of the best map in 2016. Basically, this map is based on survival map, but its purpose is not to let you try to survive in this map, but you just have to discover and explore every single mechanism that has been detailed in this map. All you will get and see from this map is the new ultimate Minecraft redstone safe house with more than 50 different security mechanisms. Starting in this map, you need to put the key into the place where the sign shows on the tree to activate the redstone to create the bridge across to the house. If you think that it’s simple, keep in mind that there are more than 50 of them both inside and outside the house. Most of the mechanisms are automatic like close or open the bridge, turn on the light around the house by pushing only a single button or even close or open the front door. You can make this house safer by activate the iron bar button. The downstairs where you can go by pressing the button that is on the center of the house and this is where all your items stored. Moreover, there is a dressing room where you can adjust the color by yourself. In addition, there are more of this, but some of them are full of trap which you have to figure them out and experience by yourself.

If you find this awesome The Most Safe House Map useful and interesting as you can try to learn all the mechanisms and apply to your own house. This is a good start for you. But you can actually have fun with this map as well because it is not like a showcase of the redstone safe house only, but you have to solve some puzzles just to get the goods or reveal the secret hidden as well.

The Most Safe House Map Main Features

  • This map is based on survival maps
  • There is an automatic house added with the anti-theft security
  • There are more than 50 security mechanisms installed in this safe house

The Most Safe House Map Pros and Cons


  • This safe house is full of mechanisms which you will be surprised with all of them and the feeling when you can solve puzzle and get reward like that set of diamond armor from the secret vault is amazing
  • This safe house is very well detailed and designed for both of the looking and also the mechanisms are absolutely stunning
  • This house could be used as a study case where you can try to learn some redstone cycles and mechanisms and try to apply to your own house


  • Even if it says that this map is based on survival, but it doesn’t seem to be like that if you know well where the trap is
  • It’s not really that safe as the fence can be destroyed easily except that if the fence come with a core of obsidian block, that would solve this point

How to install The Most Safe House Map

  1. Navigate yourself to Minecraft directory and look for saves folder
  2. Or simply search for %appdata%/.minecraft
  3. Find saves folder and open the folder
  4. Download The Most Safe House Map by clicking in the link download given below
  5. Be sure to download the most compatible version of the map
  6. Simply drop it in the saves folder where you have just navigated yourself in
  7. Done
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